Reverse Harem




What is Reverse Harem or RH? Most of us know about the traditional harems: 1 man and multiple wives/lovers/concubines. This genre is all about 1 girl with multiple love interests. The woman does not own the guys, though, in the Paranormal RH reads, they may often belong to her coven or group, but they stay voluntarily, just as they decide whether or not they want to belong to her harem.

I first found this widely popular genre back in November 2017, when I read the first book in the Four Horsemen series – and it was love at first book. I love that there’s no love triangle (#whychoose) which opens up for so many other kinds of drama, plot twists etc. Since then I’ve read quite a few different ones – both normal and paranormal. One thing that irks me is when people recommend a book and tell me it’s completed, when it’s not. As I am naturally very impatient I tend to prefer to read completed series, so I don’t have to wait around and keep an eye on release dates. Therefore, I’ve chosen to divide these into finished, unfinished and standalone so there’s no doubt.

Though, Reverse Harem is a sub-genre of Romance I’ve chosen to list it separately due to the amount of books I’ve read.



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Paranormal RH – finished series



Paranormal RH – standalone



Paranormal RH – unfinished series


Contemporary RH – finished series


Contemporary RH – standalone


Contemporary RH – unfinished series



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