Inside the Publishing Industry: Interview with a Book Blogger

I was recently interviewed by GJ Stevens and now you can read the full scoop here 😀

GJ Stevens

As part of my 360 degree look at the publishing industry, today I talk with Bibiane Lybaek, from book blogging site

Bibi describes herself as a 33 year young mother of cats and a bookworm with capitals through and through. She loves nothing more than disappearing from the world to get into whatever universe the next book in line represents. When she’s not busy reading she runs a blog where she rants and raves about books. As part of my Inside the Publishing Industry Series I approached Bibi to talk about the relevance of book bloggers in the book publishing world.

Thank you very much for taking part in this discussion. Can you give me a brief introduction to your blog?

As you say, my blog is where I talk about books, characters and even sometimes my everyday life. Though, I want it to be personal I tend to…

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Let’s discuss: should we not write bad reviews?

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