We need better modern thrillers

We all know about the pioneers of the true-crime genre. James Patterson, Michael Connelly, and many others. That, of course, includes the person who practically invented the genre – Edgar Allan Poe. But we need new modern mysteries. Usually, the ones that you see on the shelves today are either old or utterly uninspiring. It seems like in this new, advanced age, mysteries are slowly dying, and good writers are as well. So, here are some suggestions and things that we’d like to see in modern thrillers. If you’re interested in that, stick around and read this full article.


As we already mentioned, we need new quality writers. And that’s not an easy thing to accomplish, so we have some suggestions. Personally, we think that writers need to become inventive with their themes again. Usually, when you get a mystery book, it’s an old school. The plot is still like it comes from the 18th century, and that’s wrong. That’s not something that people today can usually connect with. So, why not try something new? Maybe a creative writer can make a mystery book about leaked Snapchat nudes? That’s modern, close to viewers, and it could be fascinating. New motives and themes in crime can bring some pretty unique plots out of writers. And then, perhaps, we’d see a new wave of mystery novels with original plots and twists. That’s an important thing that we should be looking for, and that writers should implement. Unfortunately, even books kind of function more economically today. People already know what to write, because they’re looking to please a bigger audience. That’s what brings the money today, and that’s understandable. But, you can try to combine creativity with lucrative things, that’s for sure. And here’s a way how to do that.


Besides bringing in new motives and plots into your crimes, you need to create lively characters too. If your book is set in the past, that’s cool. But most of the new book characters feel unoriginal, and like they’re still from the eighties. Cops in those books use outdated techniques, and they trust their hunches more than they believe in technology. You can try something new. You can implement new things, new machines, and compelling new ways of investigating that cops are already using. That’s called making your job harder, but still. And there’s plenty of inspiration around, and you just need to search for it. People say that mysteries are dying, but that’s not the truth. Secrets are as alive as the site Chaturbate is. And once again, here’s another exciting story. Before, prostitutes were murdered a lot. Just think of Jack the Ripper, and it’ll all be in the clear. Now, there could be plots for online women with popular social media. Those chicks attract a massive batch of loonies, and there were already cases of stalking. You can find inspiration in everything around us, which is a fascinating thing. But inspiration isn’t everything, and you need to do more than that.


For example, research is also a crucial thing when it comes to writing books. If you want to make a convincing story, you have to do some research. That includes tons of reading, digging for info, and talking to the experts. Of course, research is also the most exciting part of the journey. With it, you can speak with tons of people that will bless you with thousands of different stories. Plus, to write a convincing scene, you have to know how it’ll go. You have to be familiar with the details, and of course, you have to see if it’s realistic or not. So, for example, if you’re writing an autopsy scene, you’ll need to consult a mortician. That’s grosser than bondage sex games, but also more fun as well. So, if you’re looking for an exciting experience, here’s your chance. All in all, writing a book is goddamn hard. That’s why you need to work like hell in order to produce something that people will want to read. That’s why we listed these three critical elements for succeeding – originality, lively characters, and of course, tons and tons of researching. You need to put effort into writing, and that’s not easy at all. But with patience, and of course, a little bit of luck, you’ll make something fantastic. And that’s something that you can cherish throughout your life. Of course, it’s also important to be patient when you’re working on a large project, and not to be discouraged by anything in the world!


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