To review or not to review – a bloggers semi goodbye

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On the 4th of July I decided to take a break from blogging and indeed, from reviewing books. At the time I had started a new career as Personal Assistant to INDIE authors, and I felt I needed time to proper settle into the role. Now, almost five and a half months later, I think it’s fair to say I’ve settled in to my job – which I love more than I thought possible. I mean, I get paid to read books that I love and would read regardless. How amazing is that?

As I read some great books in September I was itching to revive my blog, and get back to reviewing. However, suddenly a new problem presented itself; if I review the books my clients wrote, am I then technically being paid for reviews?

On one side, no I am not. Reviewing books isn’t part of my job description. It would be something I’d do for free in my spare time, without the authors knowledge or input. On the other side, money are exchanging hands. It’s a client that’s paying me to perform certain tasks, which means I’m indisputable on their payroll. It also opens up to other things like, would I really talk negatively about my clients books if I didn’t like it? How would anyone know which author is a client and who aren’t?

Because of the politics behind it, I chose to stay away from writing any reviews. I’m not even reviewing on Goodreads anymore. I still do ratings, but I haven’t published a single review. It just doesn’t seem appropriate for me.

What now

I hope my new career doesn’t come to a crashing stop anytime soon, because I can gosh forever about how much I love it. Being a Personal Assistant to INDIE authors is definitely hard work. Being self-employed is a lot of long hours, and it’s so hard to find a work/life balance because there’s always things to do.

But being in an authors inner circle; help them make their books the best they can be, help them being noticed and gain new readers… it’s incredibly rewarding and satisfactory. If you’ve followed my blog for some time you know how lost I was with coding and stuff. Now I’m actually using all that, plus more. Who knew I’d one day be creating graphic designs for authors, proof reading their books and so much more?

I’ve been lucky enough to also find my business soulmate. My 50/50 partner Ash is one of the single most amazing people I’ve ever met. She helps make no task seem to overwhelming, and her go-get attitude is a blessing when things gets extremely busy around any new release. So, right now I feel like I’m living my best life! ❤

Do you need a PA
Are you an author in need of a Personal Assistant? Why not get in touch? It may be cheaper than you think!! 😉 You can send an email to bibiPAservices@hotmail.com – we’re currently taking on new clients from January 2020. We’re mostly centered around romance and it’s many subgenres and tropes!

Not goodbye

While I love to follow others blogs and see what my friends are up to, I’m sure I’ll also be back! Maybe not as a reviewer. But who knows what the future holds?

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  1. Thanks for letting us know. Good luck with your new job. It sounds awesome. And I hope you figure out what you want to do with this site soon. 🙂

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