Book Review: Marriage Training by Golden Angel @cleispress @GoldeniAngel

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Published: the 14th of May 2019
Written byGolden Angel
Length: 312 pages
Source: Free copy generously provided by Cleiss Press
Disclaimer: I was lucky enough to ARC read this book, and received a free copy in exchange for my honest review. However, please note that all opinions and views are my own.







The blurb


Set in Victorian England, this erotic BDSM novel features a courtship between a young woman and a dashing rake.

Gabriel, Earl of Cranborne, is in need of a wife—preferably a sweet, submissive, well-trained wife who could run his household during the day and obey him in the bedroom at night. When he meets Miss Vivian Stafford at a friend’s wedding, he finds himself drawn in by the exact traits he was looking for in his own wife and immediately moves to make her his own. Once the betrothal papers are signed, he arranges for her to attend Mrs. Cunningham’s Finishing School. This very special school will prepare her to be the wife of an Earl . . . and also prepare for her the very specific demands and discipline she’ll receive from her new husband at night.





Normally neither historical, nor Victorian, stories are something that tickles my fancy. But I’ve received books from Cleis Press before, so when they contacted me about this book, I thought it was worth a try – and man am I not sorry I gave it a go!! Golden Angel transported me to a time of Dukes, Duchesses, Lords and Ladies. An era I think most are somewhat familiar with, and I do think that the author represented the era and hierarchy well.  The few Victorian romances I’ve read, have been disappointing because I didn’t feel the characters were fitting into the time. That’s not the case here! Gabriel and Vivian are very believable and wholesome characters, who fit my image of what I expected.

Vivian is set to marry Lord Gabriel, who has been enchanted with this low class girl since before she came of age. In order to prepare her for their marriage, he insures she’s prepared for all the things that comes with it. For this Vivian has to attend Finishing school, where she’s taught the etiquette of running a household and receives training in how to please her future husband through pleasure and pain. Vivian’s training and interactions with her teacher, did become a bit repetitive and boring after a while. But I really enjoyed all the scenes between the couple, but unfortunately I felt like there was too few. The book is dominated by the training, and that did make me feel like the timing was slightly off. It also made it harder for me to really connect with Gabriel, which was a shame because he was great and interesting!

All in all I’d recommend this book as it was well written. But I did wish I’d known it contains some F/F action.


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