Book Review: Witchling Academy – Semester Two (Spell Traveler Chronicles #2) by Avery Song

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Published: the 7th of June 2019
Written byAvery Song
Series: Spell Traveler Chronicles
Length: 228 pages
Source: Free copy generously provided by the author.
Disclaimer: I was lucky enough to ARC read this book, and received a free copy in exchange for my honest review. However, please note that all opinions and views are my own.






The blurb


First Semester sparked something different inside me. Now it’s time to find out whether Semester Two will transform that spark into something good…or bad. 

I, Brianne Marie Harlow, never imagined I’d befriend the Notorious Four, let alone enjoy the holidays with them. And now that I’ve gotten to learn a little bit about each of them and how they see the world, I want to creep out of my innocent shell and explore things that never crossed my mind.

Like dating, for example. 

It’s a new year and a new semester, and I’m finally beginning to feel comfortable with my newfound levels of confidence. I’m learning new things at school, and the guys are teaching me life lessons, helping me become less naive — but without the judgment anyone else would have shown me.

However, not all is well outside of my little circle. The rumors and lies continue to grow, and it turns out they’re a lot more painful when they come from the person you once considered your best friend. Not all hope is lost, but with the shadow people making another appearance and putting someone dear to me at risk, I’ll have to toughen up and recruit the guys to track the culprit down.

My goals for this semester are simple enough: pass our physical exams, identify the people who are after my gift, and if I’m lucky, snag another kiss from one of the guys.

Or maybe even all four of them. 





I don’t even know what to say!! This series looked so promising after I read the first book!!! But this… I mean, I did finish it. But only barely!!! Throughout the book I seriously had to force myself to continue turning page after page, because it sure as hell wasn’t the characters or the plot keeping me there!!!! This series that I thought had so much potential, crashed and burned faster than most pop stars solo careers after their band/group split up. This book is a whole lot of nonsense and nothing mixed with blushing and immature characters. Guys, it’s not pretty, entertaining or even in the same ballpark as “good”!! I’m not even saying that to be mean, or because I’m finding it hard to describe this book without feeling I’m going all Michael Meyers on it, slicing and dicing left right and centre. I’m saying it because it’s the truth!!


Most of the book is about Bri and the guys having to talk about their relationships, which they can’t even do without acting like blushing idiots. Bri also spends a frustrating big amount of time trying (half arsed at best) to convince the guys to not be with her, because it could be ruining their precious reputation and social status at the academy. Of course you can’t have pointless teen drama, without throwing in an ocean of tears and pity parties. And worst of all, the “I’m nothing special, I’m just a delicate little snowflake” speech. Bri’s innocence was somewhat entertaining in the first book, but in this one it’s just extremely ridiculous and downright pathetic!! You know the saying about sex, that if you’re not comfortable even talking about it, you’re not ready for it. Well, the same goes for RELATIONSHIPS. And I was physically cringing at the fact that this wallflower is in a relationship with four different guys, and yet she can’t even talk about it without being reduced to a blushing, insecure and stuttering little girl.


I feel like my eyeballs have been over exercised from all the eye rolling I’ve been doing while reading this book. I constantly had to check I was reading the right book, becayse after the first one I had such high hopes, and especially from this author. But now… I just can’t even fathom that this is written by the same author, as some of my favourite books. If I hadn’t received an arc copy of this book, I honestly don’t think I would have finished it at all. And as things stand, I don’t know if I’ll be continuing this series.



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1 thought on “Book Review: Witchling Academy – Semester Two (Spell Traveler Chronicles #2) by Avery Song”

  1. Eye rolling too much? You need rest girl? Great review for a not so great book. I expected great things from this author, she is in my TBR… Now she can be removed


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