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My rating: heartheartheartheartheart_empty
Published: the 14th of May 2019
Written byWhitley Green
Length: 250 pages
Source: Free copy generously provided by the Hidden Gem Books
Disclaimer: I was lucky enough to ARC read this book, and received a free copy in exchange for my honest review. However, please note that all opinions and views are my own.




The blurb


One chef.
Two roommates.
If you can’t take the heat…

I’ve got good reason to keep my mouth shut around my best friend Elliot, so when he hires the luscious Joelle Munroe to save his restaurant I can understand his hands-off frustration. But she doesn’t work for me…

I need a culinary genius — Joelle needs a job. When she turns out to be sweet, smart, and sexy as hell, I can’t blame my best friend for wanting her too. But Joelle wasn’t there the night Alex left his bedroom door open and after what we did together… Now they’re both in my head.

Eyes on the prize — get the job, get into school, get my career on track. I’ve got too much on the line to lose my head over my boss, or his roommate’s seriously fine ass. And definitely not both at the same time.

Sizzle is a full-length standalone bisexual menage romance including MF, MM, MFM, and MMF lovin’. No cheating, no cliffhangers — nothing but the naughty good stuff!





This is such a sweet and easy read about the Elliot, Alex and Joelle. When Elliot’s restaurant is in desperate need of a miracle in order to stay in business, Alex suggests that he hire the popular food blogger Joelle as a consultant. However, she has other plans and wants to be hired for six months, so she can get enough experience to hopefully be accepted to culinary school. Alex who’s bisexual has harboured secret feelings for Elliot, his best friend and roommate, for years. After his bisexuality was the reason Alex’ ex fiancee left him a year ago, he doesn’t even have the courage to tell Elliot about this side of himself. Let alone his feelings for his best friend!! With instant attraction and sizzling chemistry between Joelle and each of the guys, none of them seems to really know how to deal with it. Instead of dealing with it together – or dealing at all, each of them come to their own conclusions which push them further apart instead of pulling them together.

I’m so glad I went with my gut instinct on this one, because to me the blurb is both boring and off-putting. Two things this story is definitely not!! For a debut novel this is such a well paced and great read. I could have wished that the three main characters spend more time together, because most of the actual plot happens when they’re apart. When each of them are alone, with their own thoughts, they seem to think they know what’s best for everyone. This leads them to making rash decisions and doing things, without ever really bothering to find out if it’s the right thing to do. On the other hand, when they are together it seems they’re either spending time not talking, avoiding each other or getting each other off.

This is somewhat redeemed by the secondary characters; Joelle’s dad and her friend Connie. Joelle had to grow up quickly, when her dad was in a serious accident when she was 16. Her mother left them both so the duty of taking care of him, fell on Joelle. At the same time it seems her dad has given up on recovery, and are instead content having her wait on him. So it’s much to his dismay when she starts her job, because who will then take care of him? This brings Connie into the picture, as she’s more than happy keeping this grumpy man company, while Joelle is working. The relationship between her and her dad is complex with hints of resentment, regret and shame. What I loved about it, is how real it is. And I think that the author deserves praise for having this secondary plot going on at the same time as everything else.



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