Book Review – Unicorn Academy: Semester One (Academy of Unicorns Book 1) by Yumoyori Wilson

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Published: the 2nd of June 2019
Written byYumoyori Wilson
Series: Academy of Unicorns
Length: 206 pages
Source: Free copy generously provided by the author.
Disclaimer: I was lucky enough to receive a free copy in exchange for my honest review. However, please note that all opinions and views are my own.

The blurb


Argument with parents? Check. 
Made my Bodyguard’s life a living hell…again? Check. 
Received an acceptance letter to the only Unicorn University in all the dimensions? 
Chec – WHAT?! 

Being the future Princess of MagiNa Realm, I apply to attend a faraway university and am shocked to find out I got accepted. My parents don’t support my decision, but I don’t give them a choice to up our argument count. Sneaking out of our castle and realm, I assumed I’ve started my adventures as a runaway Unicorn Princess.

If only life could be THAT simple. My annoying bodyguard whose looks could kill, tags along, having received an invitation of his own. To make matters worse, I get partnered up with a nerd who’s obsessed with my aura, an omega male who only wants me all to himself, and the Prince of Xeons whom I was apparently arranged to marry?

Last but not least, the most problematic issue of them all: I can’t shift to save my life.

I don’t want to be a princess in distress and I won’t let anyone stop me from acquiring my birthright as Queen. That’s why I’m here to learn from the best of the best, and that starts with getting through the first year of glittering madness.

Can things get any worse during my first year at Unicorn University? We’re about to find out. 




Serafina, the future princess of MagiNa, is trying her best to make her parents and the people she’s one day going to lead, happy. But it kind of sucks to be a Celestial Unicorn, when you can’t shift. This is such a big deal, that her absentee parents lose faith in her and arrange to send her away. To a kingdom far far away, where she’ll basically live in captivity. The prospect of living in a dungeon, married to a strange prince, only to be taken out and paraded around at special occasions doesn’t exactly fit Serafina’s idea of how she wants to live her life. So when her parents force try to force this marriage upon her, she only has one way out: attend the Unicorn Academy she was just accepted to. As she’s been kept isolated in her castle, she only has the company and support from her guard (and not so secret boyfriend) Exodus, her Familiar Spade and her favourite teacher. With only very little time to escape, time is of the essence, but it turns out not be that simple when her parents are already working against her, and have imprisoned her guard. When she arrives at the academy she learns that the curriculum doesn’t actually start until the second semester, giving everyone enough time to arrive. But they also have to wait to see who they’re academy team mates are going to be, and it turns out some things cannot be escaped simply by going to another dimension.

On her journey Serafina meets characters and beings that are known to readers of Unicorn Blessed Chronicles. It’s not necessary to read this series first, as it’s not part of the same plot line. But the setting does overlap, which is awesome as I love that world – and not just because the legendary Momo communicates by repeating my name over and over again!! This also expands so much on the world of unicorns and all the fascinating types. This is the kind of book where the author gets to show off her strengths. Her imagination and creativity is not limited, and she uses that in the best possible way; to create and expand on my favourite world and the beings that live there. I’m especially intrigued by the many different kinds of unicorns, and see where she takes it.

The pace in this book feels just right! There’s not a lot of useless downtime and it’s not rushed neither. The characters are intriguing, especially her Familiar Spade, who are able to shift into anything and seems to harbour romantic feelings towards his Mistress. I hope that the author will stay focused on this series, instead of rushing out a lot of new ones, as I believe this to be some of her best work.


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