Weekly update – week 24

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Hi friends,

This week has been insanely busy with reading and working for authors… so busy, that I forgot I hadn’t done this post *face palm*. I’ve been so used to relying on my posts throughout the week being pre-scheduled, that I somehow forgot the weekly update isn’t. Good job, Bibi!

But as they say, better late than never!! 🙂

Other than reading and working, I haven’t really been up to all that much. Though, my amazing boyfriend has build me a new PC. Which is awesome, because I’m like a fish out of water with stuff like that! The good news is, that it runs like a dream!! No more waiting for programs that constantly stops responding. No more having problems having more than 4 tabs open… I’m living the PC dream!!




In case you’ve missed it, here’s my posts from this week!!


Book reviews


All other posts





What am I reading right now?


Actually I’m about to start a book next week, that I’m editing! It’s like a childhood dream coming true. I’ve done so much alpha and beta reading, that an indie author decided to ask me to edit her book… I cannot even explain how excited, thrilled and humbled I feel 😀




Before you go!!


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let's chat

How has your week been? Have you done or read anything exciting?  Let’s chat in the comments!


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