The Seduction Expert (The Seduction Expert #1) by Saya Lopez Ortega

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Published: the 27th of May 2019
Written bySaya Lopez Ortega
Series: The Seduction Expert
Length: 174 pages
Source: Free copy generously provided.
Disclaimer: I was lucky enough to receive a free copy via Netgalley, in exchange for my honest review. However, please note that all opinions and views are my own.






The blurb


She’s the seduction expert.

Women contact her to take over their love lives. She steps in when they’re lost, she’s supposed to succeed where they failed. She handles their single status, their relationship, their breakup, and very often their partner’s affairs. Her job is a life priority, she spends most of her time at the office or between two flights in business class and the fact of having a sports car that can reach one hundred kilometers in less than six seconds often make her feel like a super-heroine in service to women.

Anyway, take her card.

You’ll see, it’s much better than spending holidays in St Barts.




I don’t even know where to begin my review – which I suppose will be more like a rant, because I have nothing nice to say. Nothing. At. All!!


When I heard of this book I was so excited and I couldn’t wait for its release. Then it popped up on Netgalley, and was so happy when I got approved for an arc. Even if I tried I couldn’t have predicted that the joy of what I thought would be the next big romance book, lasted less than the first chapter.  What I thought would be a fun, easy and happy read turned out to be my worst reading nightmare. The book is badly edited, with a FMC that’s more unlikable than Bella Swan. The “Baroness” (self proclaimed title/nickname) is a greedy, selfish social climber who’s made her fortune by separating unfaithful husbands from their wives. She tries hard to create an image as a feminist, but in reality she dislikes everyone who isn’t her – especially if they can’t further her social status or wealth. For a year she’s been dating one of the wealthiest bachelors, whom she really despises, but his family name can open new doors for her. So she puts up with him. She believes everything to go according to her plan, until her mother-in-law-to-be declares war on her, unless she leaves her son alone. The Baroness is so secure in herself and her contacts, that she thinks she’s untouchable and prepares for war. This leads to her downfall as she’s far from untouchable.


But aside from the plot that didn’t really exist, and the FMC who’s so unlikable that I’m considering if Hitler or Charles Manson wouldn’t do better in a romance story, there’s another cherry to add to this! The amount of spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and apparent problems with pronouns (“he” instead of “she”) made it hard for me to enjoy this story.

What a nice lady!!

I believe it should say “a few pounds have been added”, why else would she later on make fun of her size?

Say it with me: mistaken, move


This setting is in Paris so I am now wondering if this is a French author, who might have, originally, written the book in her native language and now uses Google translate… I’m not sure, but I am not willing to believe that any human have translated this. I mean just look at the above…. when do men vanish for women…. surely that can’t be what the sentence was originally meant to say, when they’re discussing moving abroad.


One thing that really surprised me, is how many people absolutely love this book.

The Seduction Expert-ratings.JPG


Obviously, every readers experience and likes are very different and subject to individuality. But how have no one else been bothered by the amount of times the wrong words are used? It makes me wonder, if I’ve received a different copy than everyone else!!


The one thing I do know is this: I won’t be recommending this hot mess, or continuing the series.



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6 thoughts on “The Seduction Expert (The Seduction Expert #1) by Saya Lopez Ortega”

  1. Great review! Thank you for saving me the trouble of reading this one. Typos are one of my pet peeves and even if the author did use a translator, someone from the publishing company should have caught all the mistakes. Appreciate the examples too!

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