Book Review: Gypsy Rising (All The Pretty Monsters #5) by Kristy Cunning

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Published: the 11 of April 2019
Written byKristy Cunning
Series: All The Pretty Monsters
Length: 343 pages
Source: Kindle Unlimited







The blurb


Sing, gypsies, sing of your lies…

That old song plays in my head, as the world turns around me faster than it has ever turned.

Monsters and mayhem. That’s become my life.

Fear and apprehension. That’s become the normal for those around me.

Dread and distraction. That’s what has interrupted my own personal romance story with my mon-star quad.

Vengeance and retribution. That was the theme of the monster world long before I landed in it, and it’s starting to heat up more than ever.

Jabs from a complicated, ancient past keep coming so much and so quickly that I’ve grown desensitized to them. Which is a good thing, since I’m about to need a thick skin.

I guess it’s time to see if I can handle being in the middle, because that’s where I’m about to put myself. My mother always did accuse me of being a masochist. I’m starting to think she must be right.

Either they love me, or they love her.

I suppose it’s time to find out who wins. I don’t fight pretty, and I’m not that great at smack talk.

It’s not that they’re not worth fighting for. I just don’t want to have to fight for them. Not when when I’m fighting bigger battles already. Either we’re in this together, or I’m on my own. That’s for them to decide on their own.

Let the games begin.

**Reverse Harem Series
**Sexual content
**Dark humor
**Mature language warning






There’s still so many things that remain unknown, in this weirdly addicting series. The only thing that’s certain is, that I still have absolutely no clue exactly what kind of monster Violet is harbouring within. It becomes even more confusing when there’s no way to tell, whether she’s alpha, beta, omega – or something completely different. In other words this Neopry Simpleton Portocale gypsy is giving me an headache, from trying to figure her out!! It’s finally become time to meet the notorious Idun, and the conniving woman does not disappoint. While this evil supreme alpha bitch is busy scheming, Violet’s monstar quad falls for her games. The only one who seems to be able to see through them, is Violet, but the sweet gypsy is no longer as sweet as she once was. Much like her apples, she seems to pack a bitter punch in this book.

Violet does grow a backbone in this book, I’m not entirely sure what the point of it is. Aside from manipulating her quad, Idun’s house and all the other alphas… and to be honest, I just don’t know how I feel about that. Violet still put others before herself, but it’s getting harder to workout if it’s part of her monster, or if it’s part of her “apple and oranges” personality. While Violet keeps repeating that Idun is not her problem, there’s no longer any doubt that she is Idun’s problem. A problem she needs to work hard to get rid of. And now that the guys have bonded even more, and decided to let old resentment and secrets be, the quad is starting to look very unbreakable.

Okay, so this is not my favourite of the books in the series – but it’s still such an enjoyable and entertaining read. It speaks volumes that an author can keep readers on their toes, while still keeping so many things a secret. As this author doesn’t like to promise when she releases her books, I have no idea when the sixth book will be out. But I know I’ll be waiting (im)patiently!!



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