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I was tagged by one of my tag partners in crime, Jamsu 💗 If you haven’t already, you should definitely head over and check her blog out.

Soooo….. technically I’m one season late since it’s now summer. But since I’m awkward enough to not let the seasons decide whether or not I’m doing a tag, I’m going for it!!




Look on your bookshelves; what is the most beautiful book both inside and out?


Image result for the iliad blue and gold cover


Need I say more? No, I didn’t think so! That cover speaks for itself!!




What is a book that you find others like way more than you do?


Hmm….. I don’t really compare my likes to others. But even if I wanted to, I really can’t think of any right now.




what’s a great book that lifts your spirits when you’re down?


All three books in the Rock-Hard Beautiful series are amazing, and it’s hard to stay down while reading about their individual struggles – as well as their shared love.




💧 DEW 💧
what’s a book that made you feel alive?


Euhm….. I honestly have no idea? I mean almost all the books I read brings feelings out, but I don’t recall reading one that made me feel alive.




what’s a book that you found unpredictable?


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All the books in Kristy Cunnings All The Pretty Monsters. Seriously the series is so confusing and addictive that I just cannot put it down!!




what was a book that you struggled with, only to be happy that you read it in the end?


Probably- Cover

Of my most recent reads I’d have to go with Probably the Best Kiss in the World 💋 I did really struggle in the beginning, but I am so happy I continued. Because now it’s one of my favourite Rom Com’s!!




what’s a book you couldn’t finish or didn’t enjoy?


01 - The Queen's Protectors

I don’t DNF books, I have issues like that!! But I really didn’t enjoy The Queen’s Protectors. I’m still glad I read it, because now I know just how bad it is. It definitely left me with a bitter taste in my mouth, as if I had unknowingly purchased a knock-off purse and expected some branded item. Ugh!!




what’s a book that you loved and wanted more of?

Of my most recent reads I’d have to go with I Owe You One. Though the ending was fitting I, as a greedy reader, wanted more.


what’s a book you haven’t read yet, but really want to?




I even won the print copy in a giveaway from another blogger last year, and I’m still afraid to read it. To sum it up: I suck!!




💗 PINK 💗
what’s a book in which you felt a strong connection to the characters?


I mean….. there’s characters I like more than others, of course. But since like 80% of the books I read are paranormal, I don’t often connect with characters with supernatural powers. Which is a shame!! I definitely wish I had some!!! But even if I look at all the contemporary books I’ve read, I don’t think I often feel connected. Sure I like them, maybe they even sometimes remind me slightly of myself….

And just as I wrote that, it came to me!! Willa from Curse of the Gods. I am naturally a clumsy person, with zero grace or understanding of how gravity affects my moves – much like her!! Unfortunately, I don’t have a hot harem of gods to help me up when I fall.





Adi ♦ Siobhan ♦ Gerry

As always there’s no pressure to do the tag, but please link back to me if you do, so I can see your answers! 🙂


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Do you like doing tags? What’s the prettiest book you own? Let’s chat in the comments!


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6 thoughts on “Tag: The Spring Has Sprung”

  1. Thank you for the tag! I’ve added it onto my ‘to do’ pile but I seem to be getting through that pile these days so that’s looking good 😉

    I also have Circe on my TBR, I’ve heard such great things about it so I’m looking forward to getting stuck in!

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