Let’s Talk About The Wonder That Is Audiobooks



When I was about twelve years old I had a bestie who loved books as much as me! We would recommend books to each other on almost a daily basis, talk about the books for hours and even planned writing our own books and becoming best selling authors.

Though the last part never happened, and eventually she started focusing on other things, we did have about one year where books were our shared obsession. If I remember correctly our shared hobby came to an abrupt stop when she discovered audiobooks. She recommended one to me (I can’t remember which one it was), and I lend it from my local library and took it home. I put the tape in my stereo and got ready to listen to it.


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Then as the narrator read out the story it hit me: what am I supposed to do? Obviously I couldn’t read while listening to the book. I got bored of drawing stick men and women after ten minutes, and that led me to being bored of listening to the book.

My friend didn’t share this boredom at all, as she was really into listening to books while giving herself a manicure, pick out the next days outfit or other random things. But I just couldn’t get into it. At all.




Fast forward twenty years and now I get it!! I’ve finally developed not just a love, but an obsession, with audiobooks!!!

Doing my daily speed-walking, cleaning the house or doing other household chores, soaking in the bath….. you name it! If I’m doing any activity that makes reading impossible, I’m now armed with an audiobook. I think I’m doing my boyfriends head in because whenever I start doing something, he’ll be forced to listen to one of my RomCom’s.

After recommendation from fellow bloggers I started with Harry Potter, and wow… Stephen Fry does an amazing job at reading those!! Then I moved on to Percy Jackson and RomCom’s and within the last few weeks, I’ve finally started listening to new authors and books I haven’t already read. Starting with books I’ve already read might be backwards, but I had to make sure my favourites would keep me entertained before spending too much money on new ones.



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Do you enjoy listening to audiobooks? What’s your favourite? Do you have any recommendations for me? Let’s chat in the comments!


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