#FollowFriday – the blog edition #24

Follow Friday 01


Did you know you know #FF is short for #FollowFriday? A Twitter trend created by Twitter users as a shout out, a show of appreciation, a nice thing to do. Each Friday, you recommend Twitter profiles that you appreciate and enjoy to all of your followers. I’ve decided to bring the Follow Friday feeling to my blog, too, and each week I’ll try to dedicate this post to the top posts or bloggers of my weekly theme.

Going forward this also means, that if you want me to consider your blog, or a particular post, please email me on bibisbookblog@hotmail.com – if you want me to mention you that week, please make sure to email me before Wednesday @8pm (UK time). Oh and to make things easier on me, please write “Follow Friday” in the subject field.






Without further ado, here’s my chosen ones to show this week:


🌺 Sophie is discussing do and don’t in YA reads. In other words: what do you want your kids to read about and what do you hope they won’t …now?do and don’t in YA reads. In other words: what do you want your kids to read about and what do you hope they won’t …now? This is really interesting because YA has changed a lot since I belonged in that age group, and I know that many adults enjoy the genre. When I was a teenager I don’t think any adult would have enjoyed the books I read, or that was published for that age range.


🌺 Kristina is talking about Mental Health Awareness Month!


🌺 Jayati lists the Thoughts I have While Writing a Discussion Post


🌺 Sam is giving away free puzzles and doing a big announcement in her 500 Followers Giveaway WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT blog post!





The list is quite short this week as I’ve been quite busy and therefore, haven’t had all the time I’d like for blog hopping. So maybe I’ll do a double up next week. Time will tell!!


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What is the best post you’ve written and read this week? And don’t forget that if you would want to participate by having your blog mentioned, send me an email as mentioned above.



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12 thoughts on “#FollowFriday – the blog edition #24”

    1. You’re welcome, it’s such an important message and I believe mental health needs all the awareness it can get ❤️

      I’ve updated the link. How are you finding being self hosted? I considered it myself, but gave up in the end as it looked like a lot of work 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      1. To be honest I ran into a panic attack when I setted it ahah I SO wasn’t sure if I did the right thing xD but it’s actually SO fun, but consuming as I needed to redo my privacy policy, redo the widgets, the graphics and such .. then correct any links, erhh. but the Yoast plugin is kinda cool ! I wrote my first post and got mad at it as im one to shove like 50words in a sentence and it need you to write no less than 20 … I kinda struggled ahaha
        It’s been only 2days though, so I cannot say much as of yet :p

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha I’m sure you will! But ugh, just the thought of changing all the links makes me not want to do it 🤣 I think I have over 400 blog posts… and then the weekly and monthly updates with links in it too… no ty 😱

        Liked by 1 person

      3. yeeps… I had 300, but ive been taking pauses! I did Anime & Blogging in full so far.. now at about half of the bujo posts, which are indeed the worst as I keep linking to others of my posts ..

        Liked by 1 person

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