Book review: Fatal Impact by Thomas McRae

Fatal Impact

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Published: the 1st of November 2018
Written byThomas McRae
Length: 54 pages
Source: Free copy generously provided by the author.
Disclaimer: I was lucky enough to receive a free copy in exchange for my honest review. However, please note that all opinions and views are my own and I purchased the book myself after it was released.




The blurb


My life wasn’t worth a Canadian dime, but then God sent the angel I desire. Baby, true love is eternal like fire, so bless my heart with your laughter plus your smile. I’m eager for peace. I’m anxious for love. You’re all I need and everything I adore. My heart and soul will always be with you, so thank you, baby, for helping me bloom. I love you more as time goes by, but time sure flies, so let’s open our eyes. Baby, I’m ready for our souls to collide. My life wasn’t worth a moment of your time, but God that moment was worth my lifeline.




Okay, this is going to be short!! After all how much can one write about 44 poems spread over 54 pages? Well for this reviewer, not a lot!! I think the most noteworthy thing is. that this never felt like poems. While I was sat in the sofa and reading the book, I felt like I was snooping through someones diary!! Not cool!!!


This read more like a collection of short stories (emphases on short) or messages/letters to the authors loved ones. And it made me feel like a pervy trespasser, standing outside in the shadows in a long trench coat, spying on private conversations and thoughts. On the plus side I have now discovered that being a stalker isn’t for me. So at least there’s no lost love for hiding behind bushes, staring at people when they’re at their most vulnerable. Which is a good sign. I think?


The poems stories the author tells range from love to lust to religion – there’s even some thoughts on how and what America was built on. I think I might have liked this more, had there been some kind of rhyme or rhythm to it. Because without it was dull and intimate, for the wrong reasons.

However, I applaud the author for baring himself and (what I assume) are his innermost thoughts. It takes guts to share that, and I can at least appreciate and respect that!!



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3 thoughts on “Book review: Fatal Impact by Thomas McRae”

  1. I’m grateful for you’re review plus honestly. I’m sorry if Fatal Impact wasn’t too your full satisfaction, but I’ve been writing poetry like this for some long it’s hard to change my craft. I appreciate your support and hope I can send you my books, I have short fiction novels I’ll be releasing soon. Thank you sweetie plus God bless.


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