Monthly wrap-up: My April in books and posts

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You guys it’s already that time of the month – the good kind, where I get to reflect over what’s happened in March and look through my posts. I know that the month of April holds a low page count for me, because I’ve felt like I’ve been in what I like to call “epic book slump”. That’s even worse than a normal book slump, because I think I suffer a reading hangover from some of the epic books I read in 2018. That was the year I discovered some amazing series and since then, I haven’t found many that can live up to the hype in my head. Another factor is I’ve discovered Supernatural!! Dean and Sam are literally taking me away from my reading, with all their epic adventures and constant battles with angels and demons!!


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Fractured Vision
Rating: heartheartheart_emptyheart_emptyheart_empty
Pages: 72


Wedding Night
Rating: heartheartheart_emptyheart_emptyheart_empty
Pages: 464


Falling for Gods
Rating: heartheartheartheartheart_empty
Pages: 252


Queen Takes Triune
Rating: heartheartheartheartheart
Pages: 315


My Not So Perfect Life
Rating: heartheartheartheart_emptyheart_empty
Pages: 448


S.S.S: Year One
Rating: heartheartheartheartheart_empty
Pages: 582


Rating: heartheartheartfull_halfheart_empty
Pages: 310


Dirty Like Me
Rating: heartheartheartheartheart_empty
Pages: 353


The Queen’s Protectors
Rating: heartheart_emptyheart_emptyheart_emptyheart_empty
Pages: 238


Chosen Destiny
Rating: heartheartheart_emptyheart_emptyheart_empty
Pages: 77


Hearts of Fire
Rating: heartheartheartheart_emptyheart_empty
Pages: 178


Waking the Gods
Rating: heartheartheartheartheart
Pages: 282


That’s a total of 12 books spread over 3571 pages

Definitely not my most productive month, but still better than I thought!! As a first I haven’t posted a single book review the last week, as I’ve been busy playing catch up. But I have quite a few scheduled to be released within the next few weeks, that I’m really excited to share with you all.









What am I reading right now?


My reverse harem author hero Yumoyori is branching out, from paranormal rh to fantasy. For this she’s launching a new pen name, and luckily I made the cut for the new ARC team (yay!!). That now also means I’m doubling my reading duties, as she’s so fast with releases. As of right now I have one for each nickname waiting for me to read them.


WOLF OMEGA (Finding My Pack Series Book 1)Witchling Academy: Semester One (Spell Traveler Chronicles Book 1)


I’m usually not one for Academy books, but the previous one by the same author blew me away, so I’m hoping Avery’s will be the same!!


Catching Chance (Gilcrest University Guys, #2)

Other than that I was once again lucky enough to beta read one of M.E. Parker’s gay romance stories. My review of Catching Chance is scheduled to be released within the next few weeks, and I can definitely recommend this sweet coming out book.


let's chat

How did the month of April treat you? Did anything exciting happen? Did you read anything new, interesting or just decent? Let’s chat in the comments!



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