Book review: Waking the Gods (Their Dark Valkyrie #4) by Eva Chase

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Published: the 28th of November 2018
Written byEva Chase
Series: Their Dark Valkyrie
Length: 282 pages
Source: Purchased through Kindle






The blurb


There’s no peace for this recently resurrected valkyrie. Asgard’s greatest enemy intends to claim both the realm of the gods and the realm of humans for himself, and with the army he’s amassed, the odds aren’t on our side.

Even worse? It turns out the gods aren’t so immortal after all. If this power-hungry giant gets his way, my four new lovers will lose not just their home but their lives as well.

As we gather more gods to join the fight, old tensions flare up. I’m starting to think there isn’t strength in numbers, only a whole lot of arguing. How can I help save the realms when the divine newcomers see me as nothing more than a servant of Valhalla?

In this final battle, we either win or lose everything. But I’m Aria Watson, and I’ll die all over again before I let a giant destroy both my worlds.

*Their Dark Valkyrie is a medium-burn reverse harem urban fantasy series. This action-packed, heart-wrenching ride gives you a kickass heroine, four irresistible gods, and Norse mythology like you’ve never seen it before. Series now complete!*





I finally had time to finish Eva Chase’s Norse Mythology inspired reverse harem series, about Aria and her Norse gods. Right now I’m sad that it’s over. I could easily spend a lot more time in Eva’s world, mixed with Norse Mythology and modern day human life.

The final book picks up right where the previous one left us, when Aria and her divine lovers are ready to spend a day relaxing in the sun, only to be attacked by a fire giant. Way to go from bad to worse! Things gets even worse for Aria, the Valkyrie, when Surt seems to focus all his attacks on her, and there’s not a darn thing she can do about it. She might have the attitude and will to keep going, but when even Asgard’s most blood thirsty warrior tells her it’s time to leave, she has to heed his advise. Almost all the gods make it safely from Asgard to Midgard, but the cost is high. Not only have they lost their realm, they’ve also learned that when the gods die a second time around they don’t get resurrected, like they did after Ragnarok.




Aria shows a surprising level of strength, love, fierceness and cunning in this book – and it becomes clearer to see that she truly is a patchwork of the four gods. With that being said she’s still staying true to what makes her who she is, while continuing to grow and and learn. Though Aria has never been a pushover she is facing a lot of negativity, when the Asgardians go looking for other gods who got resurrected after Ragnarok. The remaining gods doesn’t have a shred of respect or patience for a Valkyrie, who thinks she should be talking tactic or taking charge. The constant belittling reawakens her own doubts about her abilities and worth. Like that’s not enough, it looks like the mighty fire giant is planning to kill all humans and take over Midgard, which would include her little brother, for whom she would anything to keep safe.

I absolutely love how Eva handles Aria’s insecurities! Yes she has her weak moments, but they never take over for too long. And there’s no “oh no I can’t handle this, please tell me I’m strong and beautiful” moments. She keeps bouncing back to being the sassy, cunning woman she is. The plot has a good pack – not too quick to skim over details, but not slow enough to get boring. In war there are no easy solutions. The final battle is very much the definition of “no pain, no gain” and I love how hard they all have to work together. Gods, humans and one hybrid alike.

As a Dane I always find it hard to read books where authors put their spin on Norse Mythology. After all, these are the myths and stories I grew up with, and that made me fall in love with reading. However, Eva Chase stays true to the myths for the most part. It doesn’t actually feel like she changes anything, it feels more like she improves and adapts the myths to the modern world. And that in itself is amazing!!



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3 thoughts on “Book review: Waking the Gods (Their Dark Valkyrie #4) by Eva Chase”

  1. So glad that you enjoyed the book! I feel like valkyries are definitely underrepresented mythical creatures in fiction… we need more books that incorporate them! Also, Norse mythology in itself deserves more attention, so I’d love to see more books based off of that! It’s great that this book stayed true to the myths for the most part! Lovely review!! ❤

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