Book review: Chosen Destiny (Ravana Clan Legacy #6 by E.M. Moore

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Published: the 6th of April 2019
Written byE.M. Moore
Series: The Ravana Clan Legacy
Length: 77 pages
Source: Kindle Unlimited

The blurb

With one mate choice left, Izzy’s world should be getting back to normal…but it’s just getting started.

Not only does she have to decide whether she wants to add her best friend to her harem, she also has to save the Nolan Clan from their new enemy.

Find out what happens next in this installment of the Ravana Clan Legacy serial, written in a Choose Your Own Harem format you’ll love!




I think this is the last book in Erin’s Ravana Legacy series. I should mention that each of the books are only like 70 – 100 pages long, so together they would make one really long book, or two full length novels. This might not seem important to some, but it sure is to me. Because individually they just seem to miss something! I’ve previously mentioned that there’s a severe lack of intimacy, friendship and encounters between the men and princess Isabella. I’m aware that this comes from her writing this in a “choose your own harem” style. While I do admire the attempt, I strongly dislike the execution.

When I sat down to write this review, I started thinking about how many different chapters Erin would have to write, if she was to write different outcomes depending on who the reader chose to add to their harem. Let me just tell you, that hurt my head even thinking about. There’s 6 different guys, so if I want to have a scene between Isabella and two of the guys….. my mind can’t even do that kind of maths. So instead you get a picture of what I looked like trying to figure it out!


Image result for doing impossible math gif


But fact of the matter is that just because I understand why it was done a certain way, doesn’t mean I like it. Far from it. I miss the bond there should be between Iz and her guys – and between the guys. No I’m not talking sword on sword action (my immature mind still giggles at that pun), but just them having time together. It just fell flat without that, and Iz’ mates never felt like real mates. But more just like names picked out of a hat!!

As the end draws nearer, there’s only one guy Iz hasn’t made her mind up about. Her childhood friend. The fact that she keeps obsessing about how he didn’t come clean with his feelings for her, really rubs me the wrong way. What does it really matter? To her a lot, to me it was just a filler. Especially because that took up way more time and pages, than it did to deal with the wolves, which were supposed to be this huge threat to them all. Another thing that made me dislike Iz even more, is that she’s cheating on her harem. Before making her mind up about her best friend, they have some heavy make out sessions. Again, I know why it had to be with him and not anyone else, but in my mind it’s not okay to the others that he gets her firsts and so heavily monopolise her time.

I know that Erin hasn’t completely closed the door on more Ravana goodness in the future, and if she ever brings this world back to life I hope it will be in the traditional way. Where the author makes the decisions, and the reader just gets to read! But as of now this reader is disappointed that there’s no real closure, and even less clarification about what was going on. Who sent the wolves? Who experimented on them? Why did they seem to be linked to Iz? I guess I’ll never know!!!


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