My tag partner in crime, the lovely Sara has tagged me once again, and this time it’s a tag that’s truly outside my comfort zone. Which is ironic because like at least 90% of the books I read are romance, but in reality I’m not a very romantic person. And I don’t talk a lot about feelings. But who knows, maybe this will open me up ❤






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Lately I’ve been through some serious downs in the job aspect of my life. It’s hit me very hard, emotionally and I’ve had such a hard time dealing with it. Through it all my boyfriend has been by my side 100%. His support means everything to me, but I think what’s really made me realise how lucky I am is that through it all, he never stopped believing in me, or thought less of me – even when I’ve been guilty of that myself. That’s helped me realise that my success in a career doesn’t mean half as much as my relationship with my boyfriend does!!







Do you believe in love at first sight?

No – but I believe in lust at first sight. And I believe that it’s very easy to mix those two up. Personally, I just don’t understand how you can love someone just from seeing them. How can you love someone you don’t know anything about?


Do you believe in soulmates?

No – but I believe in working hard on making your relationship work, I believe in compromises. I also believe that some people are more suited for each other than others are, but I don’t think that makes them soulmates. I do think that the soulmate myth is a nice and cute story, but I also think it can undermine how hard it can be to be in a relationship. Two different people making a life together isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, but the I believe that the right person makes it worth it.


What’s the first thing you notice about a person?

Their eyes! I love looking into peoples eyes. Whether they make eye contact or avoid it, whether they look like they’re hiding from the world, or owning who they are. That’s the very first thing on a superficial level. If I dig a little deeper I want to find out whether the person can make me laugh or not. I love when people make me laugh.


What’s your ideal date?

I don’t think I have an ideal date… I mean who wouldn’t love going in a private jet and fly to some exotic destination? A girl can dream! But I think in all simplicity and honesty, my ideal date is spending time with my boyfriend.


What traits do you look for in a friend/significant other?

I don’t think the traits I look for differs all that much. I want people in my life who care about me, who’s loyal and who makes me laugh. People that can let go and have fun.


What are your thoughts on being friends with an ex?

I am not friends with any of my exes. Not every relationship ended badly, but it ended nonetheless. To me there’s no point in being friends with an ex, when the relationship is over it’s over.


If you’re a believer, when did you give your heart to the Lord? If not, what in life keeps a bounce in your step?

I am not a believer, I can’t give my heart to an entity. Like Sara I’m probably more of an agnostic than anything else – and like her I only go to church for weddings, funerals, baptisms and Christmas. I love it at Christmas, and it’s part of a tradition I have with my dad’s wife and her sister. But that’s all it is, a tradition I love and have fond memories of. It’s not about religion.



I like the bonus Sara added, so decided I’d do the same. So here are some pictures of me and my boyfriend ❤


Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling

Image may contain: 2 people




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11 thoughts on “TAG: WHAT’S ON YOUR HEART”

  1. You and your boyfriend are so cute💕💕 And I have the same opinion on soulmates! though I love reading that trope I also love to read about couples doing everything they can to stay together
    Thanks for the tag too!

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