Weekly update – week 15

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Hi y’all!


It’s time to wrap up the week once again!

This week has been very quiet, hardly anything interesting going on at all. Though that might sound boring to some, I don’t mind it. It means I have more time to do the things I like. The only thing that really did happen is I went for an assessment regarding an operation on my big toe, which I should be getting in a few weeks. While that’s good for health reasons, my fear of needles is quite rattled.






Let’s take a look at the book reviews I’ve posted this week:



Other posts from this week:






Adam Wing just contacted me and offered me a free copy of his book, so I can read and review it. The Greek mythology geek within wants to devour this right away, but unfortunately my scheduled reviews and obligations won’t allow it just yet. But man am I excited to start!




This week I’ve struggled so much (and continue to) with a new header for my blog. I’m using the Lovecraft theme, and according to the specifications the dimensions should be 1280 x 444 which just isn’t working. The designer have even tried to keep the borders within 1280 x 350 or smaller. Yet, no dice!

So now I’m looking into changing my theme, which is such a pain! There’s a lot of things I like about the Lovecraft theme. Like the menu settings, the quote box, the widget display…. all those things I love. But it looks like I’ll either have to choose between the header or theme. So this week I have a question, well rather a plea, for you WordPress users out there: do you know of any theme similar to Lovecraft? Or what theme do you recommend? 


let's chat

How has your week been? Have you done or read anything exciting? Which theme are you using for your blog? Let’s chat in the comments!


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6 thoughts on “Weekly update – week 15”

  1. Hi Bibi,

    Next to the Twenty-something themes designed by Automattic, there is also the ‘Dara’ theme.
    One theme I also like is the ‘Arcane’ theme but that is one you have to pay for or you need a premium plan at WordPress.
    If I look at the colors you use, I would also recommend the ‘Baskerville’ theme to take a look at.
    Some themes provide a social menu too for example and many more features while it’s still a free theme.

    Good luck with exploring other themes and I’m curious if you decide to change, and if you do, which theme it will be.

    Greetings by Sophie

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