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Published: the 5th of April 2019
Written byYumoyori Wilson
Series: Supernatural Spy School
Length: 582 pages
Source: Free copy generously provided by the author.
Disclaimer: I was lucky enough to ARC read this book, and received a free copy in exchange for my honest review. However, please note that all opinions and views are my own and I purchased the book myself after it was released.






When being different leads to the best years of your life. 

There are three key components required to get into the most prestigious, top spy academy in the world:


My name is Silver Spell Solange. No, I didn’t plan for my initials to be the same rank needed to enter the spy academy. But I would do anything to get into the one of a kind school. I have the magical capability of an Elemental Witch, the strength to kick anyone’s ass, and quick problem-solving skills to get my teammates out of any jam. There’s only one small problem – the other ‘S’ I’m missing.

I’m not a part of the supernatural race. 

After realizing the my only shot at my dreams is at the brink of extinction, I’m unexpectedly teamed up with a werewolf, a dragon, a fallen angel, and a hellhound. The four of them carry the assets and abilities I need to gain my spot into the Supernatural Spy Academy (SSS).

With the clock ticking and not much leg room for an SS score, I accept their bet, knowing I’ll easily handle whatever they request from me.

I didn’t think their bet would lead me to date all four them. 

It’s time for me to buckle up. This four-year roller coaster is about to begin, and its a bumpy one-way ticket to becoming the next “supernatural” spy.






There’s something to be said for authors who find a winning recipe for their plot and characters, and then stick to it. Lately I feel like that’s exactly what Yumoyori is doing. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of difference in this book and the world building is on point. But it still seems to be a lot of the same: sassy heroine, harem of guys who swoons every time she opens her mouth – and they’re not just boyfriends, it always seems like some kind of destiny vibe between them, and of course, a familiar. That description fits pretty much every single book I’ve read by the author, and though I don’t mind it, because I always end up wanting a familiar of my own, I’m still at the point where I’m expecting more.


Silver Spell Solange, the protagonist, has dreamed of being accepted to the Supernatural Spy Academy (SSS), since she was a little girl. Her family encouraged her to follow this dream of hers, even when it seemed impossible. Why impossible? Because only shifters are allowed, and Silver is not a shifter. She’s a very powerful witch. When receives the golden acceptance letter, she’s determined to not only be the first witch to be accepted, she wants to be the first witch to complete and graduate from the academy.  On the first day the new students have to create teams, and pass an entry test. That’s how Silver ends up joining forces with a werewolf, a fallen angel, a hellhound and a dragon. The five have an immediate connection, and the guys’ price for assisting Silver and recognise her as their leader, is that they want to date her. Not go on a date with her – no, these guys go straight for the kill and declare themselves her boyfriends after knowing each other for like five minutes.


To me this part seemed very forced. Why wouldn’t they just ask to get to go on a date with her? I had hoped that the relationships would come naturally, which they most certainly didn’t. The guys who had the nerve to demand to be Silver’s instant boyfriends, act like blushing teenagers, who’s stuck in adult bodies. On the romantic front, Silver isn’t much different. When one of the guys kiss her in the beginning, she’ll act all confused and think and say “you kissed me”. For someone who’s been in a prior relationship, no matter how shitty it was, how can you be surprised your BOYFRIENDS kiss you? And why is it the guys blush whenever they kiss or touch her? I find that a bit too immature for adults.


The academy itself is amazing. Yumoyori’s writing has grown so much. She has really pulled out all the imaginary stops, when it comes to the classes and the tests. Everything is thought through and I like the thoroughness of it all. The pace varies from fast to slow, yet nothing really seemed to drag. I am definitely looking forward to see what’s in store for them all, when they go back to the academy for year two.



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