Weekly update – week 14

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Hi y’all!


It’s the end of yet another week, and I swear time just flies by. Even when each day seems to drag, the end of the weeks and months just gets here faster and faster. It’s only now, that we’re finishing off the first week in April, that I realise I once again missed out on April’s Fool Day. Every year I want to do some elaborate prank, and every year I do absolutely nothing. It’s starting to be quite the sad tradition. But one year….. one year I shall unleash my none-existing-prank skills and pull something big of. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.






Let’s take a look at the book reviews I’ve posted this week:



Other posts from this week:





Probably the Best Kiss in the World: The laugh out loud romantic comedy of 2019! by [Hughes, Pernille]


During this week I was approached by the talented and sweet Pernille Hughes. Her second RomCom is releasing in less than a week (the 11th of April), and I’ve signed up for her Blog Tour in May. This is the second Blog Tour I’ll be participating in, and I’ve already received a lot more information than I did on the first one. So that’s definitely a good sign. Pernille’s debut novel Sweatpants at Tiffanie’s was a lot of fun, so I’m definitely looking forward to reading this one! And even if the author wasn’t as good as she is, she’s a Dane living in England, how can I not support that? 😛


Other than that my boyfriend and I have started to binge watch Game of Thrones season 1 – 7, in preparation for season 8 that hits us in exactly 1 Week, 7 Days, 168 Hours, 10,080 Minutes or 604,800 Seconds. Yes, this fan is counting. Winter’s coming and I couldn’t be more prepared. The fangirl within is ready to push forward, and completely geek out and over analyse every single action done and word spoken. In other words, I am so bloody excited!!


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Another exciting thing that happened this week, is I won Sara’s anniversary give-away. As I was just about to write “and I never win anything” – I realised I’ve won 3 competitions in 2018, so I guess I officially can’t say that anymore. Even if that’s how it feels lol. But I am very thankful about this one, and I’m so excited to receive the book and maybe share a picture or 2 on Twitter 😀

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How has your week been? Did you do any April’s Fool pranks? Or had any done to you? What’s made your week exciting? Let’s talk in the comments!

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