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Published: the 24th of February 2019
Written by: E.M. Moore
Series: Ravana Legacy
Source: Kindle Unlimited.







The blurb


Regardless of the decision Izzy made for her last mate, she’s taking steps to heal the past between the Dumonts and the Ravanas.

One person can’t ruin an entire family legacy.

One generation’s decisions can’t hurt a family’s reputation forever.

She’s preached these same ideals over and over again, but will Izzy change her tune when it’s her reputation at stake? Find out in this next installment when she’s finally given the chance to show the vampire world what she’s made of.

Fractured Vision is #5 in the Ravana Clan Legacy reverse harem serial, written in a Choose Your Own Harem format you’ll love!







I had hoped that Izzy would go back to being the caring, loving, sympathetic and strong character she was when we met her. Unfortunately, those traits be further from who she is now. I know she’s the heroine and a princess, but this royalty who refuses to be defined by her title, is acting just like that. When Alexis doesn’t drink from her cool aid, she starts avoiding him. In a heated argument they both say things they shouldn’t, but her internal self righteousness is just too much! I’m glad that Izzy, her mates and potential mates are all reunited at the Dumont compound. And I like how the Dumont clan welcomes them all with open arms – especially Galen Dumont seems to be in awe of the Ravana clan. I had hoped to meet Kayleigh, Felix’ mum too, but no such luck. At the compound it’s hard to keep up with Izzy’s mates, and as stated in my review of the previous book, I think that’s due to the “build your own harem” aspect.


Regarding the readers choice of building the harem they want, I think that ruins a lot. Not only is there no unity feeling, but Izzy doesn’t even tell the others who her chosen mates are. This makes it seem like she’s just going from one guy to the next, without even considering how this affects her mates. Even without taking any of that into consideration, when she makes out with Alexis without taking him as a mate it basically felt like cheating to me. And even worse, like she doesn’t even think about his very real feelings for her. I find it confusing that Izzy is actively looking for her own harem, but she’s sexually inexperienced and not really ready for any action. This makes this read like more YA and I can’t help but wonder, if she imagined they would be spending their evenings playing chess!! It’s such a shame but to me it feels like princess Izzy has fallen from grace!


I’ve adored E.M. Moore’s writing through a lot of books. But with this series it seems to be rushed, and I think it would benefit from being proof read. One of the biggest things I can’t overlook, is how Erin keeps switching between Isabella and Isabelle. In the original Ravana Clan series Gregor’s wife is called Isabelle, and Izzy’s full name is Isabella. Yet this keeps being messed up and this is just such an easy fix, that I cannot understand how this keeps being messed up book after book. I’ll still be continuing the series as I’m really curious to find out how the plot will turn out. But I wish Erin would stop the harem choosing and make the books full novel length.




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Have you read any of the books in the series? Do you think it’s cheating if one character makes out with someone that isn’t part of the harem? Let’s talk in the comments!



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