Monthly wrap-up: March

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Hi y’all!


What a month it has been! From our boiler dying on us, being resurrected – to now throwing temper tantrums that made mine from my teenage years, look like a walk in the park. Then I had a lot of fun with a severe allergic reaction to WATER. Yes, apparently that’s a thing. I most certainly didn’t know!! But I can tell you it’s extremely annoying!!


Other than that there’s not really a lot to write about. I’m still Coca Cola free – and still missing it. Especially with my pizza. I’ve also managed to stick to my new Yoga and Speed Walking regime. And the most surprising thing is, that I’m actually enjoying it.







Wish For Me (Destiny Jinn #1)
Rating: heartheartheartheartheart
Pages: 199


Wish For Me (Destiny Jinn #2)
Rating: heartheartheartheartheart
Pages: 344


HOPE Engine
Rating: heartheartheartheart_emptyheart_empty
Pages: 492


WISH FOR ME (Destiny Jinn #3)
Rating: heartheartheartheartheart
Pages: 188


Rating: heartheartheartheartfull_half
Pages: 202


Rating: heartheartheartheartheart
Pages: 265


End Game
Rating: heartheartheartheartheart_empty
Pages: 240


Seduce My Blood
Rating: heartheartheartfull_halfheart_empty
Pages: 172


Seduce My Heart
Rating: heartheartheartheartheart_empty
Pages: 240


Seduce My Soul
Rating: heartheartheartheartheart_empty
Pages: 147


Seduce My Love
Rating: heartheartheartheartheart_empty
Pages: 190


Rating: heartheartheartfull_halfheart_empty
Pages: 96


Veiled History
Rating: heartheartheartheart_emptyheart_empty
Pages: Unknown


Chasing Chance
Rating: heartheartheartheartheart
Pages: 175



Rating: heartheartheartheartheart
Pages: 471



That’s a total of 15 books or 3421 pages

As the page count isn’t listed on 1 of the books, I don’t know how many pages I’ve read in March. But it is a very short story, so I don’t think it’s more than 100 pages.






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Reading wise I’ve just received received the longest ARC I’ve had in a long time.


S.S.S: Year One (Supernatural Spy Academy Book 1)


I don’t actually know how long it it, but the Kindle app estimates that it’ll take 48 minutes to read chapter 2. I don’t know about any of you, but to me that’s really long. I don’t mind reading long books, far from it. But with ARC’s I find it hard to manage my time, when I don’t know how long the book actually is. I love when authors give me a detailed heads up like: “hey, my book is xx amount of pages long” – that helps when I have a deadline. But I guess I can’t be that lucky every time 😉


On a different note; I also BETA read Joely Sue Burkhart’s final book about Shara in her Their Vampire Queen series. I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, so all I’ll say is this: the ending was almost perfect for me!!


let's chat

How did the month of March treat you? Did anything exciting happen? Did you read anything new, interesting or just decent? Let’s chat in the comments!



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