Chasing Chance | mini review

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My rating: heartheartheartheartheart
Published: the 17th of March 2019
Written by: M.E. Parker
Series: Gilcrest University Guys
Length: 175 pages
Source: Free copy generously provided by the author.
Disclaimer: I was lucky enough to receive a free copy of this book, in exchange for my honest review. However, please note that all opinions and views are my own.





The blurb:


There are moments in your life that become part of you. They become so ingrained in your memory that you can’t let them go, no matter how hard you try. Some may seem small and insignificant when they happen. Others are so big and important that you know, even while you’re in the moment, that your life will be forever changed. For me, almost all those moments—both the small and insignificant as well as the big and important—were moments I shared with Chance Wyrick.
If I were in a support group for hopelessly pathetic gays, I’d have to introduce myself by saying, “Hi, I’m Andy Michaelson and I can’t stop myself from thinking about Chance Wyrick.”
From the time we met, when we were only six years old, and for the next twelve years, he was my best friend. I fell in love with him along the way. I couldn’t say exactly when it happened, only that it happened.
Words of advice:
Never fall in love with your best friend, especially if he’s one of the most popular kids at school, the best high school quarterback in the state, or if he happens to be your next-door neighbor.
But most of all…
Never, I repeat never, fall in love with your best friend if he’s straight. Nothing good can come of it. Trust me.
Our friendship was over before we finished our last year of high school. My best friend became my ex-best friend. I hoped to forget about him when I went off to college. But Chance followed me there. So did all the memories.
I tried to forget him. I did. But he was more beautiful than ever. He was the starting quarterback for Gilcrest University. He was larger than life. He was impossible to ignore. We hadn’t spoken in years, but the memories still hit me out of nowhere, and they still hurt.
By the time I started my third year at Gilcrest, I was beginning to think I’d never be over him.
As it turns out, I was right…
Chasing Chance is the first book in the Gilcrest University Guys series. It’s a full-length, “friends to lovers” romance novel. It has “coming out” and “first-time gay” themes, is stocked full of STEAM, heartache, and laughter, and it has a guaranteed happy ending. The series will follow the love stories of four college friends. Chasing Chance is the first of two books that will tell Andy and Chance’s love story. Look for book two, Catching Chance, to come out next month!






This is the second gay romance I’m lucky enough to both ARC and BETA read for M.E. Parker and boy, can she knock them out of the park. Both Chance and Andy are adorable, amazing, swoon worthy and easy to get invested in. They seem to compliment each other on every level. Where Andy is happily out of the closet, Chance is struggling to come to terms with his sexuality. It doesn’t help that his deeply religious dad, is the father at the local church. So Chance was raised to thinking being gay is wrong. This have held him back for so many years. Though he still doesn’t feel like he can be himself all the time, one thing is certain: he never feels more like himself than when he’s with Andy.


What I really liked about this book was the natural progression of things, and the friends-to strangers-to lovers path we follow Andy and Chance on. Though, their journey is filled with ups and downs, there’s no forced or unnecessary conflict. No stupid misunderstandings that threaten the happiness of the MC’s. That in itself could make this romance boring, however the secondary characters are over simply amazing. They’re quirky, interesting, funny, lovable and so unique. On top of that M.E. Parker clearly shows her talent for writing, with the character growth – and I don’t just mean regarding sexuality. The biggest lesson to be learned in this book is the difference between keeping a secret, and keeping someone a secret. The constant battle of keeping those two apart keeps Chance on his toes.


Even though, this is only the first book in Andy and Chance’s story the book doesn’t end on a cliffhanger. And the next book will be out already next month, which I’m so excited for!!



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Have you read this book or anything by this author? Do you like romance books without too much drama, or do you prefer the more angst filled plots? Let’s talk in the comments!



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