Veiled History | review

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Published: the 19th of February 2019
Written by: E.M. Moore
Series: Ravana Legacy
Source: Kindle Unlimited.







The blurb


The tragedy of the Chang Clan has pushed Izzy over the edge.

When one of her potential mates starts acting suspicious, she’s determined to be the one to find out the answers even if her “gift” is failing her. But what she finds out only proves that the Ravanas aren’t as safe as they thought they were.

Find out what happens to Izzy and her potential mates in this new installment of the Ravana Clan Legacy series. Veiled History is #4 in the Ravana Clan Legacy reverse harem serial, written in a Choose Your Own Harem format you’ll love!






I’ve really enjoyed the previous instalments in E.M. Moore’s Ravana Legacy series, but in this one it all starts to loose some of it’s original oomph. Izzy who has united all the vampire clans to choose a harem of mates, seems less like a powerful heroine and more like a spoiled brat. She grew up with her mum and four dads and saw them work and love together, she claims she wants the exact same. However, this falls flat for me when she starts making her own plans, without ever even considering the mates she’s already chosen. In the previous book Felix takes off but Izzy is sure he holds some of the answers they need, so she decides to track him down with best friend Alexi in tow. Without telling anyone about their plans, the two of them make their way to the Dumont compound in Australia to track down Felix. Without taking anyone’s feelings into consideration but her own, Izzy never stops to think about how it would be for Alexi to stay with the very family that was behind the old war. Even though, none of the Dumont vampires in charge had anything to do with the past, some wounds take time to heal and I was so disappointed in Izzy for not being able to have just a little sympathy.


This is one of those moments where I don’t know whether it’s me or the book, but something has changed, and not for the better. I don’t know exactly how long this book is because it’s not mentioned anywhere. But it’s too short to get really invested in it. I know that’s Erin’s MO for the Ravana books. She only writes extremely short instalments, and wants to push them out quicker and then put them together to full length novels when they’re all done. But it’s just lost its magic for me now, because I don’t feel like I’m really getting to know any of the characters. The “build your own harem” which I thought was a brilliant idea, is starting to annoy me. Because it’s up to the individual reader who to add to the harem, there’s no real intimacy. When Izzy thinks of, or speak, about them, they’re only mentioned as “my mates”. Never by name. This is natural since the author doesn’t know who the reader has added, but I feel like it ruins what could and should be a great atmosphere between them all.

Despite all this I’m still interested in the series, and all things considered it wasn’t that bad. Hopefully, the next one will be better!!


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Have you read any of the books in the series? How do you feel about the “build your own harem” concept? Let’s talk in the comments!



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