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Hi y’all and happy Top Ten Tuesday!


Today’s theme is: Books On My Spring 2019 TBR. I don’t actually have a set season TBR, I’m way too unorganised and impulsive for that. So instead I’ll go with the top 8 anticipated spring releases. If you follow my blog you know I’ve recently discovered and fallen in love with Yumoyori Wilson’s reverse harem books. And man, can she push out books almost faster than I can finish a monthly wrap-up post. Seriously, she writes at an insane pace! Anyway, she and LJ Swallow, Eva Chase, Joely Sue Burkhart are planning some releases in April and May, that I’m really excited about. And as I’m lucky enough to be an ARC reader for both authors, I guess those books are on my unofficial Spring TBR.




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03 - Ebon Queen.jpg

(Daughter of Shadow book 3)
Release date: 12th of May 2019


Ebon Queen is the THIRD book in the Daughter of Shadow series. The first two books must be read first.

Spellbinding fantasy romance with sword and sorcery, a strong heroine, irresistible guys—and a pet dragon.








(Enchanted Unicorn Chronicles)
Release date: 25th of May 2019

This continuation of Celestia and the rest of team Misfits from Unicorn Blessed Chronicles is something I’m very much looking forward to!


A Queen Has Risen To Her Enchanted Throne, But Will Every Shifter Approve Of Her Ruling? 

Celestia Rainbow never thought her life would end up like this. Once the bullied and ridiculed sole unicorn shifter of her realm, she’s now a princess who is being prepared to become the Enchanted Queen of Versa.

With her family there to help her prepare, her familiar to boost her spirits, and her loyal men to aid in strengthening her powers, it seems like there’s nothing that can stop Celestia from ascending to the throne. However, she soon realizes that things won’t be as easy as expected, for a new darkness is lurking in the lands below.

To gain the throne she rightfully deserves, she must venture to the Dark World and locate her rainbow crown. The task is easy enough, but there are others who yearn for power, and it’s up to Celestia and her men to stop them before all hope is lost.

Follow Celestia, Orion, Finn, Hunter, Theo, Caio, Cairus, and Odion as they venture into the unknown. 

This is an 80,000 word in length Reverse Harem Romance with a badass unicorn shifter and her fellow men.







Seduced by Myths: A Mythical Paranormal and Fantasy Anthology by [Jane, C.R., Young, Mila, Chase, Eva, Burkhart, Joely Sue, Scott, Helen, Bedford, Erin, Wilson, Yumoyori, Cross, Elle]

A Mythical Paranormal and Fantasy Anthology
Release date: 17th of May 2019

I’m so excited for this Anthology, that contains stories from of my favourite authors!


Forbidden Romances. Deadly Secrets. Unforgiving Darkness…

Fall head over heels in love with this set of fantasy tales. Steeped in Greek, Norse, and Asian Mythologies, 8 bestselling authors bring you stories brimming with adventure, unexpected twists, and following the pursuit of true love. When it comes to the gods, passion doesn’t always follow the rules.

Grab your copy today.

Fans of paranormal romance, dark fantasy, and reverse harem will devour this collection of exclusive stories.

Every complete novella contains steaming hot alphas, strong sexual themes / language with a satisfying HEA. Adults Only!

Some stories contain dark themes.







Shadows and Sorcery: A Collection of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance Novels by [Adkins, Heather Marie, Grey, Jen L., Kelley, Nicole, Thorn, J.R., Foss, Lexi C., Baxter, Linzi, Frost, Everly, Viragh, Brea, Dreyer, Dorothy, Lee, Jenna]

A Collection of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance Novels
Release date: 28th of May 2019


Another collection of what I assume will be amazing stories, from talented authors.


Danger and dungeons, swords and spells, sins and savories, and a dash of perilous ambitions await…

25 of today’s bestselling authors have joined forces to bring you some of the best DARK PARANORMAL and URBAN FANTASY in the genre.
Blaze a path into magical worlds filled with kick butt heroines, sexy alpha heroes, and dangerous quests. Inside these pages, you’ll find 23 edge-of-your-seat tales packed with cloak and dagger curses, forbidden sorcery, and thrilling magical romances!
Each of these fiery heroines, sexy shifters, witty warlocks, and more will provide a powerful display of unique gifts as you discover that not all dark magic is bad, things that go bump in the night can be fun, and sometimes, seeing someone in their best light happens in the shadows.








01 - SSS - Year One.jpg

SSS: Year One
Supernatural Spy Academy Book
Release date: 5th of April 2019


When being different leads to the best years of your life. 

There are three key components required to get into the most prestigious, top spy academy in the world:


My name is Silver Spell Solange. No, I didn’t plan for my initials to be the same rank needed to enter the spy academy. But I would do anything to get into the one of a kind school. I have the magical capability of an Elemental Witch, the strength to kick anyone’s ass, and quick problem-solving skills to get my teammates out of any jam. There’s only one small problem – the other ‘S’ I’m missing.

I’m not a part of the supernatural race. 

After realizing that my only shot at my dreams is at the brink of extinction, I’m unexpectedly teamed up with a werewolf, a dragon, a fallen angel, and a hellhound. The four of them carry the assets and abilities I need to gain my spot into the Supernatural Spy Academy (SSS).

With the clock ticking and not much leg room for an SS score, I accept their bet, knowing I’ll easily handle whatever they request from me.

I didn’t think their bet would lead me to date all four them. 

It’s time for me to buckle up. This four-year roller coaster is about to begin, and its a bumpy one-way ticket to becoming the next “supernatural” spy.







01 - DARK SWAN.jpg

(Shattered Souls Series)
Release date: 5th of April 2019


Cursed forever to be an ugly duckling in the shadows… my beauty and magic hidden away from the light… 

Thom has owned me for so many years; he loves me for my beauty, although you wouldn’t know for how often he leaves bruises upon my skin. And if I even think of shifting? That’s what the worst punishments are reserved for.

My body aches to let my feathers out, for my wings to stretch to the sky and to feel the sweet relief of the world disappearing beneath me…but I’m trapped, locked up, and hidden away.

None of the swans Thom keeps are allowed to show their true colors, but it’s worse for me because I’m the only one of us who’s different. Black wings, fragile heart, and legs that won’t stop dancing in the dark… Thom would kill me if I ever used my magic to escape.

I am his Dark Swan, after all. I’ll always belong to him. 

But then one day, freedom calls in the distance. My carriage spills over, and death comes for me…and introduces me to four shifters who will save my life, just as surely as I will save theirs. A bear, a lion, a jaguar, and a wolf, all as broken and as destructive as me.

It’s with them I find out I was never meant for the light, and that freedom is found in the depths of the dark. 

Warning: This is an 80,000+ word Dark Paranormal Romance that covers dark themes including trigger topics. Read at your own discretion.







06 - Queen Takes Triune.jpg

queen takes triune
(Their Vampire Queen)
Release date: UNKNOWN
(But I am an internal optimist, and hoping for a spring release)


There’s no official blurb as of yet, but as a beta reader I’ve gotten to read some of the book and let me just say this: Joely does not disappoint!






Image may contain: 1 person, text

(Moriarty’s Men)
Release date: 24th of April 2019



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