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My rating: 5 of 5!
Published: the 11th of February 2019
Written by: LJ Swallow
Series: Daughter of Shadow
Length: 265 pages
Source: Free copy generously provided by the author.
Disclaimer: I was lucky enough to receive a free copy of this book, in exchange for my honest review. However, please note that all opinions and views are my own.




The blurb:

Calla, daughter of shadow. 

The girl with the dragon, accused of bewitching three powerful men. 

Can her magic unite the kingdom or will she tear the realm further apart?

Silvercrest Guardians is the second book in the Daughter of Shadow fantasy romance series. The first book Dragon Soul must be read first.

Calla arrives at the stronghold with her three guardians, but not everything goes to plan. Her unusual magic skills arouse suspicion and, when Calla’s true powers reveal themselves, her life is in danger.

Leander attempts to reconcile his role as High Lord with his need to protect Calla—a girl his advisers tell him must die. Rohan struggles with his feelings for the girl he’s commanded to watch and kill if necessary. And Galen is determined to prove that there is more to Calla’s story while trying to make sense of his feelings towards a human girl.

All believe that Calla’s dragonkin Luin holds the key to who she is.

A new elven ally knows more about the situation inside the Ebon realm and promises the group answers. He introduces the four companions to somebody who reveals Calla’s hidden background and the source of her power.

Calla faces an impossible decision—risk her life by returning to the stronghold, or travel to a place of greater danger to fulfil a destiny that will change the kingdom forever.

Daughter of Shadow is a slow burn reverse harem fantasy series. Full length, action-packed, sword and sorcery books with a strong heroine, a pet dragon, and irresistible guys.



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Oh my… dragonkin!


When I received this sequel to DRAGON SOUL I was stoked to be reunited with Calla, Luin, Leander, Rohan & Galen again. Unfortunately, my reading schedule was quite full at the time, so I didn’t actually get to read it until a week after it had released. Oops! But as the saying goes: good things come to those who wait – and that is exactly what happened! After the slow start to the previous book, Lisa changed things up in this one, where we dive straight into intrigue, excitement, mystique and politics – as Calla, Luin and her men arrive at the Stronghold. Calla is now a confirmed daughter of shadow, which earns distrust from almost everyone in the Stronghold right away. This isn’t helped by her rocky connection with Devin, a new elf recruit with Ebon traits. By having to join the recruits, Calla is not only separated from Leander, Rohan and Galen – but in an attempt to keep her somewhat safe, Luin is also hidden away.


In the Stronghold each of the men have to return to their duties and roles, which means they have to keep up pretences, by keeping a distance to Calla. Feeling alone and rejected Calla has a hard time knowing who she can really trust, and time is definitely not on her side. Without Luin at her side Calla is unable to control her magic, which leaks through whenever she’s feeling scared or threatened. With the first book being all about laying the ground work, this one is all about the answers. We finally learn more about both Calla and Luin. I was extremely intrigued by Calla’s Dragonkin in the first book, so I’m so happy to finally have my suspicions about him confirmed. Much is still uncertain but there’s one thing that isn’t; it’s time for Calla to take control and make a decision about which path she’ll choose to walk. With the answers provided in this sequel it’s clear what needs to be done, to defeat the Ebon Queen and save the kingdom. But it doesn’t seem like anything will come easy, especially not when the people fighting for Light also seems to have ulterior motives!


One of the things that never fails in LJ Swallow’s books, is her strong and incredible world and character building. The fantasy world she’s created here is amazing, intriguing and complicated. At times it seems that Lisa has drawn inspiration for the different Dragonflights, from the MMORPG game World of Warcraft, and as a former gamer I really enjoyed that aspect – whether it’s intentional or just my interpretation. As for the characters, I love how much Calla has grown, in such a short amount of time. Though she’s far from perfect she’s easy to identify with, and her feelings and reactions seems real. I think the characters I enjoyed the most, was Leander, Rohan, Galen and Luin. Though Calla gets some alone time and get closer with each of the guys, they’re still struggling with the consequences of staying with Calla. Luin… Oh Luin. He and Devin are by far my favourites – and I can’t wait to get to know them better when the next book comes out.



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