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01 - Dragon Soul


My rating: 4.5 of 5!
Published: the 14th of September 2018
Written by: LJ Swallow
Series: Daughter of Shadow
Length: 202 pages
Source: Free copy generously provided by the author.
Disclaimer: I was lucky enough to receive a free copy of this book, in exchange for my honest review. However, please note that all opinions and views are my own.





The blurb:

A girl with dark magic who’s a threat to the kingdom. Three powerful men from the royal court. Why are they prepared to protect this daughter of shadow and take her to the heart of their realm?

The dragons are dead, the Ebon queen has destroyed the elven realms, and kingdoms are at war. The queen’s dark magic is growing in strength, and the Silvercrest kingdom is losing the battle against her. Three men are sent from the army’s stronghold to seek others who can aid their cause.

Leander, a high-ranking and domineering nobleman. Rohan, a fierce and seductive warrior. Galen, a gentle and passionate elven leader. Their task: recruit the most potent magic users from the shire towns and train them to join the crusade against the Ebon queen.

They never expected to find a daughter of shadow.

Calla’s time working at the apothecary in her small town is about to end, but not in the way she expected. On the day her magic skills are tested, she is revealed as a shadowmancer, a school of magic banned throughout the kingdom. A confused Calla faces a death sentence, but the three men are intrigued by the beautiful girl and her mysterious dragonkin pet and smuggle her from the town.

With no other choice, Calla journeys to the stronghold with the three captivating men. As they fight their way through enemy territory, the men discover that Calla’s power is more dangerous than they realised—and so is the bond this creates between them all.

Dragon Soul is a slow burn reverse harem fantasy. Action-packed, sword and sorcery book with a strong heroine, a pet dragon, and irresistible guys.

Please note: This book is written in British English



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Amazing fantasy reverse harem, with loads of potential!


I was lucky enough to ARC read this book back in September, but for in-explainable reasons, I have not gotten around to write a proper review, until now. As book 2 in the series just came out recently, I had to re-read this one to keep up, and that’s when I realised I hadn’t posted a review here on my blog yet. Well, shame on me! Even worse is, that I don’t know why – because I really liked the book. I think this may have been because I was extremely busy in September, so this might just be one of the many things that slipped through the cracks. But as they say; better late than never! This was one of the biggest book surprises of 2018. Firstly, I didn’t know it was coming. Secondly, I didn’t know fantasy inspired reverse harem books could be that awesome. LJ Swallow switches everything up with this new and amazing series! I will admit that both times I read the book, I’ve struggled with the beginning. It isn’t because nothing happens (believe me, quite a lot actually does) – but for some reason it wasn’t enough to entice me right away. However, if you can stick with the book until 20-30% in, you’re in for a real treat.


I do believe that the somewhat dull and very descriptive beginning, is Lisa’s attempt at laying the groundwork. Because without all descriptive facts about the characters and the world, the readers would be lost! The heroine, Calla, works at an apothecary. But she dreams of getting a job at the Royal Apothecary and serve the King, as he fights the Ebon Queen to save the kingdom. As Calla’s magic skills are about to be tested, she is revealed as a shadowmancer and is taken into custody. All of a sudden the girl who’s never been able to master any magic, has powerful dark magic flowing from her. This is exactly the kind of magic that the Ebon queen uses so by revealing it, Calla is instantly seen as a threat to the King. Luckily for Calla there are people who are searching for powerful magic wielders. Enter Leander – a high ranking nobleman, Rohan – a warrior of the Order of Lux & Galen – a beautiful Lumen elf. Under the guise of taking her away for punishment, the three men smuggle her out of the town. They take a chance on Calla’s dark magic, and believe it will be key to aid the King’s war against the Ebon queen.


Calla is a strong heroine, and followed by her pet dragonkin and irresistible guys, the book keeps getting better and better. As a person Calla is confused, scared, lost, overwhelmed and overall, not as knowledgeable as she once believed herself to be. Going from being a lowborn with less than average powers, to an all powerful enemy of the state, quickly takes its toll on her. Her relationship with her saviours are complicated, at best. There’s instant attraction, but there’s many differences in the form of wealth, status, experience and distrust. While they were travelling, they all seemed to be warming up to each other. However, as soon as they reach their destination: the stronghold, the differences becomes clearer and I feel that the key to her survival rests with her saviours. Dragon Soul is a slow burn, action packed reverse harem fantasy. This first book was strong on world-building. Now that the stage is set, I believe this is going to be an amazing adventure and I cannot wait to find out more about Luin, the mysterious dragonkin.



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