WISH FOR ME (Destiny Jinn #3) | review

03 - Wish For Me



My rating: 💗💗💗💗💗 of 5!
Published: the 3rd of March 2019
Written by: Yumoyori Wilson
Series: Destiny Jinn Series
Length:  pages
Source: Free copy generously provided by the author.
Disclaimer: I was lucky enough to receive a free copy of this book, in exchange for my honest review. However, please note that all opinions and views are my own.



The blurb:

A life of despair, a heart-crippling desire, and a desperate wish to belong. 

When I experience a horrible nightmare, I assume that’s all it is. After Luke, Owen, and Jeremiah encourage me to confront Mother Fantasia, I finally find out that there’s more to my existence than I previously believed.

Now it’s my turn to help Cole fight the demons from his haunting past, and with the guidance of the others, we uncover even more to this mystery.

Having to balance the art of wishing while trying to discover who I truly am is a difficult task especially when confronted with a new question: who is the Jinn of Rebirth?

Or should I say was?

I’m not willing to give up the love I share with four amazing Jinns. I’m ready to face these new challenges and secure my spot in this new world. Evil is lurking in the depths of Fantasia, and we have one shot to make our actions count.

I guess the saying is true – Be careful what you wish for… 



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As readers reunite with Destiny, Luke, Jeremiah and Owen – Cole is still missing from their midst. After Destiny talks with mother Fantasia, she sets out to find him, and leave the other three Jinn’s behind. As she finally catches up with Cole, it’s only to see him throw himself off a cliff. Apparently this has been Cole’s pity-party-tradition since he became a Jinn. On the anniversary of his wife and daughters death, he lays fresh flowers and throws himself off the cliff where it all happened. As a Jinn he cannot die from self harm, so he pretty much just stays at the bottom of the water and wallows in what happened. Only this time he isn’t alone. Destiny hurls herself off the cliff just mere seconds after him, and by relying on the memories that keeps coming back to her, she coaxes Cole back to the surface.


As both Destiny and Cole spends some quality alone time, they help each other come to terms with the fact, that Destiny is the reincarnation of the wife Cole had when he was human. Even though, he’s known since he first laid eyes on Destiny, it’s new for her, and of course she has a lot of questions. With Cole finally being ready to open up and deal with his past, he finally shares his story of his human life, with Destiny. After spending a few blissful days together, they return back home and reunite with Jeremiah, Luke and Owen. As the group are together once again, Destiny finds herself hoping for some downtime with her Jinn’s. But their bonding time is interrupted the very next day, when it’s time for Destiny to move into her new home. However, she’s pleased to find out that the guys has decided to move in with her, so she doesn’t have to worry about being alone ever again.


One question remains unanswered: who is (or was) the Jinn of Reincarnation? And why did she allow Alexa (Cole’s human wife) to be reincarnated as a Jinn? Though these are big and important questions, yet no one seems in a rush to discover the truth. Though, the group do try to dig into the past for answers, I was a bit disappointed that this wasn’t treated with bigger importance. Because since reading book 2 and learning of the reincarnation, I’ve been extremely curious to find out what’s actually going on. Only a little bit more is revealed in this book, before ending on a world changing cliffhanger. But one thing is certain, someone in Fantasia doesn’t belong there and with an impostor in their midst, it looks like Destiny and her guys has their work cut out for them in the fourth and final book! Seriously, Yumoyori is killing me with her cliffhangers!


Compared to (almost) all the other series I’ve read by Yumoyori Wilson, this one is very different.


  • The buildup is slower
  • The sexual encounters are less prominent and less rushed as this series is somewhere slow-medium burn
  • The harem is smaller which makes it easier to identify with everyone – and each one of them gets their time to shine.


But I think the most important thing is, that there seems to be a lot more going on in the plot. The main problem hasn’t really been given focus until now, but I wouldn’t say that’s a bad thing. Because there’s already been so many different things going on. And with the pace of the story, none of the books have felt like fillers! When I started this book I thought it was the last one in the series. But when I was about 15 – 20% in, I saw a post in Yumo’s Facebook group stating there’s another book planned. I did think that might affect my reading experience, as I was expecting something different, but it didn’t. I absolutely loved this book, and the new direction in which the plot is headed. I know the theme is: be careful what you wish for – but I wish I could have the next book in my Kindle library right now.



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