Wolf Lover (Claiming My Pack #3) – review

03 - Wolf Lover


My rating: 4.5 of 5!
Published: the 17th of February 2019
Written by: Yumoyori Wilson
Series: Claiming My Pack
Length: 434 pages
Source: Free copy generously provided by the author.
Disclaimer: I was lucky enough to receive a free copy of this book, in exchange for my honest review. However, please note that all opinions and views are my own.




The blurb:

Two Unique Connections. One Potential Heir. A Journey To Prove Love Can Be Shared.

Harper Blake thought she was done with surprises. She’d already survived a violent attack, found a new role in her pack, and discovered the startling truth about her mates. Not to mention there’s the slight chance that she may be destined to become the Wolf Seeker, a role that would make her the connector to all Four Cardinal Packs.

Well, turns out she’s wrong. Fate has plenty more in store for her, including a shocking revelation that leads Harper onto a new path – one that will require Carter Moonshine and Ian Chestwood to go away for a few weeks to train.

The thought of being far away from her mates only worsens Harper’s anxiety. With the pack in unfamiliar territory, Harper must figure out how to keep her worries at bay, all while harnessing her fighting skills as a wolf and the magic that begins to stirs within her.

It’s time for Damien, Levi, Hayden, and Heston to step up to the plate and prove to Harper that they’re just as reliable, charming, and passionate, as their fellow packmates.

For the sake of unity, power, and love, Harper is ready to stand for her pack against an enemy who’s too close to home.




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For the first time in a very long time, I am finding myself struggling with writing a review. Usually when that happens, it’s because the book left me feeling uninspired – but that couldn’t be further from the truth, with this third book in Yumo’s Claiming My Pack series. Instead I suspect its because so much happens, and I’m still trying to gather my thoughts. But one thing that is certain is that Yumo is one hell of an author. I am still a bit mystified about the world she has created, there’s been mention of other kinds of shifters (yep, cats. As a feline lover I am soooo wanting them to cross path with one), familiars, witches, vampires (only mentioned briefly) and humans. However, there’s no explanation as to what role the humans play in this world. Admittedly, that hasn’t been an issue and there haven’t been a real need for any clarification on this front, it’s just my natural curiosity that’s demanding answers.


In this book we discover hidden truths about Harper and Ian’s past. Thanks to parental relationships and interactions between Ian, Harper and Carter we learn that there’s even more layers than previously expected. And even though this book is longer than the previous one, there’s still not enough time to cut through them all. Or meet them all. The web like politics and family ties was at times a bit hard to follow, but once I caught on it became easier to see the bigger picture. While Harper and Carter handles the truth with maturity and grace, it brings up buried and forgotten trauma for Ian, when he learns where he came from and that he too is one of Harper’s Royal Mates. Essentially this make him loose what little sense and confidence he had to begin with. As a solution to this, Carter decides that it would be the best for Ian to receive some training, with his former sensei, to unlock his alpha potential and thereby work on his self esteem. While Ian and Carter are away this also gives Harper more time to bond with the rest of the pack, as well as for them to learn to fight together. In short, it’s time for Harper to stop hiding and learn to be the alpha female she is.


With Ian and Carter away, I was happy to get to know the other characters better. Up till now I have struggled distinguishing the non Royal Mates from each other. Sure their names were mentioned, but in my mind I couldn’t tell them apart without a name, and that annoyed me. Not only does Harper get closer of each of her wolves, not only do I now have a much easier time knowing who’s who – now this actually feels like a reverse harem. Not because Harper have sexy times with all her men, but because they all come together. There’s no separation between Harper and the rest of the pack. They all love Harper equally, and they don’t fight each other to spend time with her. And that is how I feel reverse harem’s needs to be. There needs to be a certain group dynamic, where everyone understands that they’re all part of it, even if they’re not together all the time, otherwise it’s more like individual relationships.


The only reason I’m not rating this book 5 hearts is because of the obvious difference between Harper’s Royal Mates. Even the all powerful and all knowing Moon doesn’t even class the others as mates, but only refers to them as lovers. The divide between Royal Mates and regular pack lovers is too much, and that does actually make her relationship with the rest of the pack secondary. As Ian, Harper and Carter all have alpha qualities, they’re ranked above the rest. It’s mentioned that their physical interactions are even more intense because of their Royal Marks. They knew each other as kids…. I mean, there’s absolutely no real chance for the rest of them. And that kind of makes me think, that maybe they shouldn’t be there. I feel like this story might have been better if it only focused on Harpers Royal Mates. On a non relationship note, I was happy to get a better understanding of Kira, the all powerful  2nd Gen alpha female. Especially as she’s getting a spin off series of her own, which I cannot wait to read. The twin familiars Muffin & Milo also made for some entertaining moments in the book. I cannot help but love those little fur balls, and I definitely hope to see more of them in the next book.
And then there’s that ending….. I could go on forever about that, but that would be spoiling. So instead I’ll just say this; if you don’t like cliffhangers, don’t start this series till the next book is out. Because wow!



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