Queen Takes Camelot (A Their Vampire Queen novella)

Queen Takes Camelot

My rating: ❤❤❤❤❤ of 5!
Published: 26th of February 2019 as part of Captivated boxed set. (You can pre-order the box set for only £0.99 via my link in the bottom.)
Written by: Joely Sue Burkhart
Series:  Their Vampire Queen
Source: Free copy generously provided by the author.
Disclaimer: I was lucky enough to BETA and ARC read this book for Joely Sue Burkhart, who generously sent me a free copy of her book, in exchange for my honest review.




The blurb:

The Once and Future King has always been my curse.

You think King Arthur is a hero.

You blame me for the fall of Camelot.

Because I refused to choose.

Yes, I loved Lancelot. Once upon a time, I loved Arthur, too. I loved all of his friends, even Merlin, the cantankerous wizard.

But Arthur’s jealousy destroyed our love. He smashed the Round Table, banished Lancelot, and locked me in a burning tower. He would rather see me dead than love another man. Even his best friend.

So now I’m doomed to repeat this grim tale over and over until Arthur wins my love. But this vampire queen will never choose Arthur. Not after what he’s done. I will certainly never choose him over Lancelot.

I will never settle for just one knight. Not when I can have them all.

Oh, and this time? Arthur will be the Once and Dead King, because Camelot is mine.


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If you read my blog, it’s no secret that I’m totally fan-girling over Ms Burkhart’s Their Vampire Queen series. So, when Joely announced she was working on a spin-off series based on her interpretation and visions of Arthurian legends, I was more excited than I was when I found out there’ll be another book in her TVQ series – but at the same time, I can’t deny that I was a little sceptic.

I mean I really love the arthurian legends where Arthur is this beloved and awesome king, so I wasn’t sure how I would react when Joely re-writes this to make Arthur the villain, and make Gwen unable to choose between the knights (hello, reverse harem #whychoose). But my scepticism was unfounded and man, oh man, did she deliver!!

Joely has a knack for writing these amazing worlds and characters, that makes me forget about time and place whilst I’m reading about their adventures. And Queen Takes Camelot is no different!

Readers meet Gwen for the first time in Queen Takes Checkmate (Their Vampire Queen Book 5) and already there, she’s a really interesting character. But reading about her in her own book, was nothing short of amazing. She’s by no means a powerful queen, yet. – But she’s wilful and she’s determined. That determination shines through the pages and makes her a worthy lading lady. Of course it doesn’t hurt that we also hear from Shara in this book.

My only complaint is that the book isn’t longer. I could easily have stayed with Gwen for another 100’s of pages.



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