#FollowFriday – the blog edition #14

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Did you know you know #FF is short for #FollowFriday? A Twitter trend created by Twitter users as a shout out, a show of appreciation, a nice thing to do. Each Friday, you recommend Twitter profiles that you appreciate and enjoy to all of your followers. I’ve decided to bring the Follow Friday feeling to my blog, too, and each week I’ll try to dedicate this post to the top posts or bloggers of my weekly theme.

Going forward this also means, that if you want me to consider your blog, or a particular post, please email me on bibisbookblog@hotmail.com – if you want me to mention you that week, please make sure to email me before Wednesday @8pm (UK time). Oh and to make things easier on me, please write “Follow Friday” in the subject field.


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Without further ado, here’s the best posts I’ve read this week:


🌺 SE White has written a great and interesting post about Breaking Down a Romance Plot. Not only is it beneficial to authors and aspiring authors, I believe it’s also a great tool for book bloggers. Especially as it can be used and adapted to other genres.


🌺 Nia’s review of Sophie Kinsella’s I Owe You One was really interesting. This is the first book I’ve read by the author, so the fact that she compares to previous work is kind of awesome. Also, for some unknown reason I always find it interesting to read what others have to say about the books I’ve read and loved.


🌺 Noly’s amazing post about Addressing The Book Blog(ger) Drama is such a great and inspiring read. The gist: don’t get caught up in the negative stuff – which I couldn’t agree more with.


🌺 Sam posted her answers to the Good Reading Habits Tag. As a tag enthusiast I might just have to try this out myself.


🌺 Clo’s advise and guide to Book Blogging 101: Blog Tours is extremely helpful, and appreciated. I’ve only done one blog tour and was honestly put off. But this post has made me rethink it trying it again.


🌺 This is one of the first series reviews I’ve read. Most people (myself included) write individual book reviews. But Kathy has chosen to do a SERIES REVIEW: THE WODE – THIS IS HOW YOU DO A ROBIN HOOD RETELLING instead. And I absolutely loved it.


🌺 Ally’s post YA fantasy authors: we need to talk is really great. A lot of the points she makes, is exactly why I despise YA books (which I will get more into in a post I’m working on). Admittedly, my problem is more about the things she only mentions briefly, instead of the title problem – but nonetheless I agree and relate.



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What is the best post you’ve written and read this week? And don’t forget that if you would want to participate by having your blog mentioned, send me an email as mentioned above.

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10 thoughts on “#FollowFriday – the blog edition #14”

  1. Thank you for the shout out! If you want some classic Kinsella goodness – check out Can You Keep A Secret and Undomestic Goddess 😍

    Those are the formative books of my teen years.

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