Arielle Rainbow (Familiar Blessed Chronicles Book 2) – mini review

02 - Arielle Rainbow


My rating: 4.5 of 5!
Published: the 4th of November 2018
Written by: Yumoyori Wilson
Series: Familiar Blessed Chronicles (a spin off from Unicorn Blessed Chronicles)
Length: 143 pages
Source: Free copy generously provided by the author.
Disclaimer: I was lucky enough to receive a free copy of this book, in exchange for my honest review. However, please note that all opinions and views are my own.



The blurb:

A quest to find her Mistress leads to the discovery of hope, love, and happiness… 

When Arielle decided to join in on the journey to find her Mistress, she never predicted her six familiar boyfriends would join her for the ride. She also didn’t believe such a journey would wind up putting together the broken pieces of her Mistress’ past.

With Celestia trying to enjoy more time with her men and attempting to fit into the new role she had in Aslan, Arielle started to understand the lonely side of being a partner in battle.

Her boyfriends, however, won’t allow Arielle to continue shedding tears, vowing to fill her lonely void with love, compassion, and adventure. Sleepovers, familiar adventures, and the truth of the pool of Forgotten Familiars filled the void of not being with her Mistress all the time.

As Arielle reached her twentieth birthday, it was time for her to take the starring role in her life while enjoying the men who would do anything to love and protect her happiness.



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Seriously, there’s no doubt. I am in love with Arielle Rainbow. She’s the bestest Familiar ever, and I’m so thrilled that Yumo has given Arielle her own series so she doesn’t disappear in the Unicorn Blessed Chronicles. After Arielle has followed her Mistress to Aslan, she’s fighting to find her own place. Where before it was Arielle and Celestia against the world, both now have to juggle their harem, Mistress/Familiar relationship and also make time for friends. From following Celestia’s story, it looked like she had kind of just forgotten about Arielle, or neglected her for her guys. But by reading Arielle’s story, it’s clear that is not the case at all. Their bond is still as intact and precious as ever, they’re just allowing each other time to become individuals.

Luckily, Arielle has 6 Familiars who are more than happy to keep her company, and help her understand her human form better. Due to Celestia’s impressive powers, Arielle is able to stay in human form for almost unlimited time. When a new friend helps create a magical necklace that allows her to stay in any form as long as she wants, she finally has the freedom to explore her relationships, without drawing on Celestias powers. This allows her to develop her relationships with her men, and just like her Mistress, she connects instantly with 2 of the men, whilst it’s slower with the rest.

What really makes this interesting is that Yumo not only takes a lot of scenes we’ve seen in Unicorn Blessed Chronicles, and re-write them to Arielle’s perspective – she goes further and beyond the scene, so it really feels more like it’s Arielles world we’re experiencing. The only slightly negative things I have to say is, that Arielle the Phoenix/harpy Familiar, is very different to human Arielle. As a human she looses some of her magic, and instead harbours human emotions like insecurity. This is not something I would have wanted for her, because in her natural shifter forms she’s perfect. It does, however, make for funny scenes, as she’s fighting to understand her new role.


Important note: This should be read after Unicorn Blessed Chronicles 3, but before book 4 in order to avoid confusion!



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