Celestia (Unicorn Blessed Chronicles #1) – review

01 - Celestia

My rating: 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄 of 5!
Published: the 2nd of March 2018
Written by: Yumoyori Wilson
Series: Unicorn Blessed Chronicles
Length: 316 pages
Source: Free copy generously provided by the author.
Disclaimer: I was lucky enough to receive a free copy of this book, in exchange for my honest review. However, please note that all opinions and views are my own.






The blurb:

What do you get when your father’s a centaur and your mother’s a powerful magician? 

A unicorn shifter… 

You’d think being the only known unicorn shifter in the world would have a few benefits. Like, people treating you kindly or getting special treatment from the council. Not in my case. I’d be lucky to get a piece of bread thrown at me.

My name is Celestia Rainbow, and yes, my last name is fucking Rainbow.

Shifters assume that I’m kind by nature, but trust me: I’m fierce, short-tempered and have the mouth of a sailor. Add in my stealthy fighting skills, advanced magic casting, and swift movement, I’m someone you wouldn’t want to mess with. But everyone looks at my shifter side – my ditzy, peaceful half, sprinkling magic dust, and on a mission to end world hunger.

Regardless of my dual personality, I’ve sworn to become a huntress at Aslan Academy. Now that I’m of age–my lucky twenty-fifth birthday just happens to coincide with the entrance exams–I’m ready to prove my worth.

Too bad I’m grouped up with six sinful looking men.

Time to prove to my community, classmates and this attractive bunch of weirdos that unicorns can kick ass too. 

CELESTIA is a new REVERSE HAREM, paranormal series. Recommended for 18+ audiences, containing mature sexual content, violence and strong language.



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In the middle of January I was contacted by one of the employees from The Indie Academy, who was asking if I’d be interested in reading any of Yumoyori Wilson’s books. I’m usually always up for reading some new books, but lately my beloved Reverse Harem genre has let me down, so I was a bit hesitant. But of course I agreed.  Once I got in contact with Yumo she openly invited me to request any of her books, that I wanted to read. While I was browsing her many books, I saw this and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to read about unicorn shifters. One of my all time favourite mythological creatures. A creature that’s highly underused. In my oppinion there should be a lot more unicorns galloping around in paranormal books. But alas that’s not the case, so I just have to read about them as often as I can.



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From a very early age Celestia Rainbow has been on her own. Due to obligations her parents left to go to other dimensions, for jobs and higher callings. As upstanding citizens in their shifter dimension, they entrust their daughters safety to the townsfolk, who unfortunately doesn’t want anything to do with her. As a unicorn shifter her parents did tell her to keep it quiet, but as children tends to do when asked, Celestia blurted out the truth. This caused the shifter community to not just neglect her, but to abuse, physically and mentally hurt and bully her on a daily basis. The only one who seemed to be there for Celestia was  one of the dimension’s legends, Master Magnor. With this high level of training, she’s incredibly advanced in magical spells and academics. She also has another side, Sia Rainbow, who is an expert at fighting, martial arts, and all physical things. Together they make one badass shifter.


But aside from Mastor Magnor Celestia & Sia only have one other being in their life, their harpy-phoenix familiar, Arielle. So, they dream of being accepted – and being a huntress of the prestigious Aslan Academy, could bring them just that. If she can pass the initial trials, prove her worth, she will be assigned to a team and one step closer to her dream. Of course Celestia & Sia pass the tests, and on the day of their 25 birthday, they are assigned to team M (which they start calling team Misfits) along with 6 guys.

  • Finn (a pixie)
  • Hunter (phoenix)
  • Caio & Cairus (twins, and tiger shifters)
  • Theo (bat shifter)
  • Orion the mysterious
(now that would be spoiling
but if you really want to know, he’s an




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From reading other reviews I’ve noticed that a lot of people are criticising the immaturity level of Celestia and her team of 6 amazing guys. And I just don’t get it. To me it makes all the sense in the world, that these outcasts haven’t matured the same as someone who’s grownup embraced in love would. Naturally, they’re all a bit hesitant and inexperienced – but at the same time, they’re happy that they’ve found like minded people who doesn’t feel sorry for them or ignore them, but actually understand the pain and hardship each of them have been through. For me that made the story all the better. And to be honest, it’s refreshing with a reverse harem book, where the relationships build slowly.


The split personality personas of Celestia & sia are each truly amazing. Yumo has done a fantastic job in creating different personalities, and sticking to them. Where Celestia is insecure, kind, understanding, loving and grateful – Sia is the fiercer side of the coin. She’s accepted her fate is different to Celestia’s, and her only true desire is that Celestia finds love and happiness. Whilst this could seem like this fabled unicorn shifter, is setup to be another special snowflake, it couldn’t be further from the truth. And that’s part of what makes this such a great read.


For me this is the perfect first book! It’s all about world and character building. We get under the layers of their back stories, and learn what makes them tick. At the same time Yumo is doing a great job, at creating suspense. Add to the mix a cliffhanger ending, and the recipe is completed.



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Have you read this book? Or any of Yumo’s books? What’s your take on unicorn shifters? Let’s talk in the comments!


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