Vampire Hunt (Kiera Hudson Series One #3) – audiobook review

03 - vampire hunt


My rating: 4 of 5!
Published: the 8th of December 2015
Written by: Tim O’Rourke
Narrated by: Keely Beresford
Series: Kiera Hudson Series One
Length: 7 hrs and 2 mins
: Amazon Audible




The blurb:

In search of Kayla and on the run, Kiera and her friends make a race against time across the Cumbria Mountains. With vampires predicting their every move, the trust among Kiera and her friends starts to waver.

From the desolate monastery set high in the mountains, to the mysterious lake and the caves beneath the fountain, Kiera must discover the connection between the vampires and her mother, Isidor, and Kayla – all while trying to resolve her feelings for Potter and Luke.

In the midst of dealing with all of this, Kiera herself begins to change, and this frightens her. She turns to her friends for help, but soon realizes it is only her mother who can provide the truth and answers she needs. Kiera also has other questions she needs answered: Why did Isidor murder an innocent girl? Who is the person Murphy has been meeting with in secret? And above all, why have they put their lives and trust in the hands of a serial killer?


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So far these books have taught me a lot:

  • Don’t trust strangers
  • If you see vampires or vampyrus run the opposite direction
  • I still hate love triangles
  • When an author manages to write something, that evokes strong feelings in the reader, they’ve nailed it.
  • Tim O’Rourke is bloody amazing at writing dark and suspenseful scenes.


Seriously, I’m amazed I don’t have nightmares about his vampires. Because they’re as dark, twisted and malicious as it comes. Yikes! I still feel that I would have loved this all a bit more, if it wasn’t because of Keely Beresford. Her audio narrating is just not good. It’s actually quite terrible. But when I manage to zone out all her theatrics and focus on the plot, it’s really great. When I listened to this book, and the love triangle really came into play, I considered just leaving well enough alone and move on to other books. But what kept me going is the world Tim has created. It’s equal parts intriguing and appalling.


I am still not finding myself a fan of Kiera. She’s just too much. I know the series is named after her, so I guess that should alert me to the fact that it’s all about her. But here’s the thing: it really is all about her. Her allies gets tortured, killed and abducted left right and centre – just because she keeps refusing to acknowledge the truth. Like when she keeps telling the other vampyrus that she’s disgusted with the prospect of having wings. I mean, if that was me, I wouldn’t stick around. Why do they keep wanting to protect the girl, who basically calls them all disgusting? I’m still scratching my head over that one!


But what’s worse is, that when her wings do break through she’s so scared (and still disgusted by her very nature, that she stops using and focusing on them. This means that someone else have to save her from falling into a sea of vampires, and in the process of focusing on her, her boyfriend disappears. And yet, it never actually daunts on her that most of the problems are caused directly by her actions, or lack of the same.


I think I’ve made my feelings about Kiera perfectly clear: I do not like this special snowflake vampyrus – but I still admire Tim’s writing. So far these books are layers upon layers of mystique and intrigue, so I can’t wait till I’m done being social today so I can listen to the next book.


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