Vampire Wake (Kiera Hudson Series One #2) – audiobook review

02 - vampire wake


My rating: 3.5 of 5!
Published: the 14th of August 2015
Written by: Tim O’Rourke
Narrated by: Keely Beresford
Series: Kiera Hudson Series One
Length: 8 hrs and 5 mins
: Amazon Audible





The blurb:

Since escaping from The Ragged Cove and finding herself suspended from the police force, Kiera Hudson is hired by the mysterious Lady Hunt to protect her 16-year-old daughter from a stranger she believes is lurking on the moors. But little does Kiera know that it is she who will need protecting.

Arriving at the Hallowed Manor on the desolate Welsh Moors, Kiera soon realises that the vampires she has been seeing are not just the stuff of her nightmares, but are very real – and are closing in.

If Kiera is to escape the vampires who hunt her, she will have to discover the true identity of the bandaged man, the secret of the children’s graveyard beneath the weeping willows, and who, or what, is hiding in the “forbidden wing” of the Hallowed Manor.

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Kiera escaped The Ragged Cove, but she cannot escape the memories of what she’s been through. Though, the sane thing would probably be to keep her mouth shut and move on with her life, she does exactly the opposite. She starts blabbing and talking about vampires and vampyrus (vampire bats). After continuing to sing the same tune for 6 months this has earned her a suspension and many sessions with a police psychiatrist. When we first catch up with Keira again she’s acting like she can’t believe this is happening to her. She acts like she’s outraged she has to go through this, and all I could think is: well duh! Who in their right mind would start talking about something like that, and expect to be taken serious… hmm!
Since her escape Kiera has developed an unhealthy obsession with the news. As in she buys all the papers she can get her hands on, listen and watch the news as much as possible. All in her search for any clues to any crimes being committed by vampires, which could then lead her back to her beloved bat, Luke. Whilst tracking all the crimes she can, she tries to convince herself that she doesn’t have any feelings for Luke. She tries to reason with herself as she shouldn’t possibly be having so strong feelings for him, when they hardly got to spend any time together.
When a women comes to to see Kiera, asking her to come stay at her remote castle, she obviously doesn’t say no. Though, she probably should have done so – considering that looking after a troubled teen daughter, who’s being stalked, while the mum goes on a business trip and by the way, her husband has disappeared – isn’t really her speciality. At the creepy manor Kiera discovers that nothing is as it seems, but it does (eventually) bring on a reunion with the merry band of bats: Luke, Murphy and Potter.
The plot line was great, again. The vampires are deliciously ruthless and even though the group does give out strong Scooby Doo vibes, it works for them! However, it would be nice if Kiera actually started wondering about things, before she has all the answers. So far it’s been a bit like “oh now that I found the fake beard I know something is amiss” – instead of building up a proper mystery around it before all the answers are found. On the other hand, the “main mystery” haven’t been discovered yet – but it doesn’t seem to be the main priority neither. It’s hard to explain – but trust me, it’s weird!
So, why only 3.5 heart rating? Because of Kiera and the not so subtle hints of an introduction to my most hated trope: love triangles. Also, I totally did not see it coming! From the introductions made in the first book, I did not at all get that Luke and Potter were similar. I mean they’re not at all in personality, but I thought Potter was this older and slightly inappropriate weird dude. That was right until he kissed Kiera in this book, and especially since she liked it and can’t get it out of her head. Talk about a not so nice surprise being thrown my way! Like that wasn’t enough, Kiera who seemed like such a great girl in the first book, is getting a bit full of herself. Not just because she’s overly cocky, and rude about it. But also because it’s starting to be very much her way or the highway. When Luke wants to hide from her because of some disfigurement, she stubbornly and aggressively decides she won’t let him. But when she discovers some shocking news about her family tree, she lashes out at poor Luke. Sigh.
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