Her Harem – mini review and rant

Her Harem

My rating: ❤ of 5!
Length: 210 pages
Published: the 13th of August 2017.
Written by: Alexis Adaire
Series: book 1 of 2 (book 2 is called Saving Her Harem)
Source: Kindle Unlimited




The blurb:

When image rehabilitation expert Kelsey Lambert is called in to help save the reputation of world-famous rock band Harem, falling in love is the last thing on her mind. After all, her career’s on the line, and keeping untamed musicians out of trouble is a massive undertaking. But when the gig puts her on a tropical resort island with the sexy, unrepentant bad boys, she struggles to remain professional as her inhibitions rapidly melt away. Although getting romantically involved with five rock stars at the same time was definitely NOT part of her business plan, Kelsey soon begins to realize she’s fighting against the very thing she craves most. She was sent to save Harem, but maybe they’ll end up saving her.

Her Harem is a steamy reverse harem romance with scorching graphic sex scenes and a deliciously happy ending.

“Alexis Adaire is the queen of strong female protagonists and Kelsey Lambert is among her fiercest and sexiest!”


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I think this is either one of the (unintentionally) funniest or most tragic books I read in 2018. The book is about a “professional” image coach who is anything but professional. The whole book is about her trying not so hard to not have sex with the entire band. She does EVERYTHING and anything to insure that they do in fact have sex and make out. A lot.


He’s trying so hard not to look at my tits, it’s adorable. His innocent expression contrasts with his hot, ripped body.


As an image coach to the stars I was surprised by how much she acts more like a groupie than a professional. She can’t even have a conversation with the band without mentioning how sexy they all are. Like that isn’t enough, she keeps thinking about how her past self wouldn’t believe she would get the opportunity to make out with the entire band. A title and profession like professional-star-fucker would have been more like it, and probably provided a more believable and bearable plot line.


“Brandon will fit in on stage, too,” I say. “He’s as sexy as the rest of you.”


Who cares whether or not the guy can actually play an instrument, as long as he’s sexy. Right?

Just because I do have issues with not knowing how things end, I will be reading the sequel too. However, I don’t have any expectations to it – except that I’ll be rolling my eyes a lot.




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4 thoughts on “Her Harem – mini review and rant”

  1. Oh boy. LOL. I have a lot of trouble with contemporary romance reverse-harem, and this is why. Somehow it’s just way more believable to me in paranormal or sci fi? Maybe because the situations are already unusual, so a harem is more believable. I’ve been loving the Valos of Sonhadra series for my reverse harem reads lately.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel the same way about contemporary RH!! It’s so hard to not only make believable, but also tasteful. It’s easier to buy it when it’s paranormal beings for sure. But there’s still authors who’s mastered the contemporary, like C.M. Stunich’s Rock-Hard Beautiful trilogy. Absolutely love that one.

      Liked by 1 person

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