Mine, Forever (Deadly Women #1) by Kate Bonham – review

Mine, Forever

My rating: 1 of 5!
Published: the 19th of December 2016
Written by: Kate Bonham
Series: Deadly Women
Length: 418 pages
: Purchased via Amazon.





The blurb:


She’s mine.
Ever since I first laid eyes on her, I knew there was something about her but I had to be sure.
I had to know she was like me.
Now, after what I’ve put her through, I own her.
But they keep trying to pull her away from me.
They keep trying to destroy my world forcing me to unleash hell on earth to keep her in my arms.


I’m broken, alone and hated by my own family.
When Jett Black walks into my life, I know I’m not safe.
Not safe from him, not safe from anyone and yet I can’t get enough of him.
He’s my savior in every way, shape and form.
Finally, after years I felt as if I was on the right path until forces try to tear us apart – forces which are trying to kill me.

But I won’t give him up – he’s mine…forever.


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When I first picked up this book, it was because of the cover. If you follow my reviews you know I love Their Vampire Queen, and the cover from the second book in that series, is almost the same as this one. The authors did explain that its a stock photo, which they’ve adapted individually to both of their series. I did not mistake this book for the other, I just thought the cover looks awesome and then committed the sin of all sins in the reading world: I judged the book by said cover. However, I am now regretting that because this book was a waste of time!

Ebony has suffered through an awful upbringing filled with neglect. Now she’s trying to support herself, which her uncle Giordano has the perfect opportunity for. By being a waitress in his restaurant she can make some money. Jett Black, the bad wolf in town, has his eyes on Giordy’s restaurant and manages to arrange a meeting at the restaurant. When Jett walks in he straight away notices Ebony and Kate goes to great lengths to explain that Jess doesn’t understand why.

After a blood bath shoot out at uncle Giordano’s restaurant Jett doesn’t want to leave any witnesses, but he doesn’t want to kill Ebony neither. Instead he kidnaps her and locks her up in an insane asylum, owned by him. And let me tell you, the treatments that goes on there are not for the fainthearted. Or the sane people. Or anyone, really. Following the involuntary treatment Ebony changes, she becomes just as (if not more) insane as Jett himself. In other words, through torture he has succeeded in creating his perfect match. And Ebony is more than ready to take her place at Jett’s side, no matter the cost.


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Throughout the book I couldn’t shake the feeling, that I was reading a Harley Quinn and the Joker inspired love story. The thing with torturing her, or getting others to do it, and then fall more crazy in love than even Beyonce could have predicted, was just too much and too predictable. It really was just like a modernised re-writing of a Harley & Joker plot line.

The supposedly dark scenes and aspect of the book didn’t bother me. In fact I’m not even sure this should be classed as a dark romance, and definitely not erotic. Because all those dark and sexy scenes were glossed over. You hear of pain, frustration and destruction, but the author doesn’t let you experience it. Maybe the distance was because it’s the authors first book in these genres, but to me its not a hit when authors keep readers away from the ugly and the disturbed. So, I won’t be reading the other books in the series.


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