Her Military Mountain Men: A Reverse Harem Romance – review

Her Military Mountain Men


My rating: 2 of 5!
Published: the 11th of November2018
Written by: Veronica Wade
Series: Standalone
Length: 191 pages
: Kindle Unlimited.




The blurb:

Loving three men at once? Sure, it’s a fantasy… but I never dreamed it could come true.

When I witness something nobody should have seen, all I want to do is get out of dodge and start a new life. Luckily the mob feels the same way, and buys my silence with a suitcase full of cash and an order to leave.


But leaving town is not the craziest thing that happens to me. When a blizzard overcomes my car, I find myself rescued by three mysterious military mountain men: each one hotter than the last. Sure, I’m snowed in with gorgeous guys, but I never thought things would get this… close. And if there’s nowhere to escape to, I’m tempted to see where this goes. Can I win over the surly one? Snuggle with the softie? Seduce the s*xiest? Do they want to play too?

But the game’s up when there’s someone after us, and I know my secret must have gotten out.
It’ll risk all our lives, as well as the first happiness I’ve felt in… forever.

Her Military Mountain Men is a 53k word novel with snow-melting steamy scenes and a suspenseful side story. No cheating, of course, and an HEA that is sure to satisfy.


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Before picking up my second read from this author, I made sure to read the entire blurb so I knew what I was going in to. And I figured now I’ve read one and have an idea of Veronica Wade’s writing style, I know what I’m getting myself into. However, I kind of wish I hadn’t bothered. Luckily the book is only 53k words long, which definitely was a plus.


Can I win over the surly one? Snuggle with the softie? Seduce the s*xiest? Do they want to play too?


Even after reading the book I can honestly say, that I don’t know who’s who! She seems equally attracted to them, she snuggles with all of them, they all soften up near her, and they’re all surly at one point or another. Except making it seem like she’s hooking up with 3 of the 7 dwarfs in a modern world, that description really doesn’t distinguish or even help.


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Sarah is an unhappy waitress in a restaurant where the Russian Mobs’ presence and business are conducted while on the premise. Apparently they’re all okay with this so long as the tips don’t suffer. One night Sarah has a customer that has constantly continued to sexually harass her and she snaps and smacks him. Her boss sees this and immediately comes over (it’s assumed) to fire her, however, her saving grace is none other than the boss of the mob comes to her defence. Sarah’s boss tells her to take a break and cool off, so she goes outside. About the time she was getting ready to get back inside, she hears some voices arguing, so she decides to wait it out in hopes it would be over quickly, but then she hears some pops and knows exactly what happened.

Sarah, obviously, can’t keep quiet and is discovered and told to keep her mouth shut.
Her boss notices how distraught she is and tells her to go home, but before she can, Sarah is approached by a detective about what happened. She quickly points out that she didn’t see anything, but he already knew she had been on break outside. Sarah gets away from him and returns back home to find the mob boss on her doorstep, offering a way out of her current situation: keep quiet and take some cool cash and disappear, don’t talk to anyone – or die.

Sarah takes the cash and starts to travel towards the only family she has, her foster sister. Because a normal meet-cute is too easy, Sarah gets stuck in a snow blizzard and is rescued by a very handsome stranger on a snow mobile. Of course, there’s no other option than him taking her back to his house, so they together can write out the bad weather. Him, Sarah – oh and his 2 house mates. Thanks to instant lust and chemistry, and no jealousy at all, they all get together with Sarah and agree to share her in an open relationship. Sarah is over the moon, because it’s every woman’s dream, right? Oh and the secret and the cash isn’t shared, because it doesn’t seem important to her.


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I had a really hard time connecting with any of the characters! The plot was predictable and the only thing that’s really detailed are the sexy times. The rest are glossed over. I would love to know how the men really felt, when they discover Sarah’s deep dark secret. I would have liked to know what made each of them tick, and what it was they liked about Sarah – apart from their sexual adventures.

There were a lot of missed opportunities to explore:


  • What was the relationship between Sarah and her sister? How often did they catch up? How was their shared upbringing?
  • The background of the policeman who interrogates Sarah after the murder.
  • How did Sarah come under the protection of the Russian Mafia? Because surely she must be, for the leader to stand up for her when she’s sexually harassed.
  • How much money did Sarah receive?
  • If Sarah owns a “beater” of a car, how did it make it across country?
  • Sarah never witnesses the murder in the alley. She only sees a dead body and the story seems to assume that Grigore is the one that killed the man. There were other voices in the alley at the time of the murder… who was the others?
  • If she’s fearing so much for her life, why is she telling her sister everything over the radio, where others could be listening? To me that’s a huge gap, because I really feel the author should have thought of that.


Details matter to this reader and with all that in mind, I think this book will be more for people who just want a quick and sexy read, plot be damned!



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If you’re looking to buy the book, why not use my affiliate link?

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6 thoughts on “Her Military Mountain Men: A Reverse Harem Romance – review”

  1. Aww, dang. I’m always sad at a missed opportunity and this one sounds like it good have been some good trope fun. When the hero/heroes don’t get any POV time it makes it super difficult for me to like the book. I want to know what’s happening with all my characters and why I should care!

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  2. I like this genre, thanks to you, my review is scheduled for the next week. But I have heard that such books have only sex and very little of story, hence till I get your recommendation, I won’t be reading them

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