Her Biker Boys: A Reverse Harem Romance – review

Her Biker Boys


My rating: 3 of 5!
Published: the 15th of December 2018
Written by: Veronica Wade
Series: Standalone
Length: 186 pages
: Kindle Unlimited.




The blurb:

Going from completely innocent to having four men worship me?
When the death and funeral of my father reveals that he had a secret life,
I find myself knocking at the door of a biker gang.
What I find out changes everything…

My whole life I thought I knew exactly who I was: a good girl.
The kind of girl who did exactly what she’s supposed to do, to please her father.
But since he passed, everything has changed. I’m determined to find out what I want to be.
As a new woman, I even change my name from Jenn to Jett.
Did I expect to fall in love with a bunch of bikers?
No way. Not in a million years.
But they’re sexy, protective, and completely devoted to me.
What girl could resist?
We get more than I bargained for when the rival gang comes to call…
And I realize I’m pregnant.
Will my biker boys save me, or will I save them?

Her Biker Boys is a 51k word novel with hot and steamy scenes and a surprise, refreshing ending. No cheating, of course, and an HEA that is sure to satisfy.


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So, okay… I’m going to be completely honest here; I completely let myself down with this book. I didn’t read the last 2 lines of the blurb, you know the ones just above mentioning there’s a HEA. So going into this I didn’t realise it was a standalone, which would have been good to know. Without allowing myself to read those last 30 words, I didn’t manage my expectations which meant I was both surprised and not at all satisfied when you could feel the ending rolling on. But this is all on me and not a reflection of Veronica’s writing, because as I said, I didn’t read the blurb where she clearly lays it out for everyone to see.

That’s also why I’m not rating this book as harshly as I normally otherwise might have done. Because I think every reader can agree that it’s extremely important to manage expectations. Like when you know you’re only on book 2, but with xx amounts left. Or know that you’ve caught up on a series and now need to wait xx amount of days/weeks/months before the next instalment is out. That is (in my opinion) not on the author, that’s on the reader. So I’m going to say it one more time: I failed to manage my expectations.


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Jenn is at her dad’s funeral, when she notices a lot of of strange men who are looking out of place. When her BFF confirms that they’re bikers, Jenn can’t stop wondering why they’re at her dad’s funeral as he wasn’t a biker. And surely she’d know. Except for the fact that its been too long since she saw her dad, because he sent her to boarding school as soon as she got to the age of schooling. He always told her to study something that would have give her a good and stable in life. She always thought she would have time to be with her dad, and now that time is gone.

At the funeral she meets Randall who tells her if she ever needs help just call and he slides her his business card. Back at the house she goes through her dad’s belongings and discovers that her dad indeed was a biker. Now she must decide whether to find what actually happened to him and find out what makes her who she is. She is facing this while her dad’s gang is in an all out biker war she knows nothing about at the moment.

In order to adapt to the new challenges and paths her life suddenly has, she decides to change her name from Jenn to Jett. Where Jenn was a nice girl, Jett is anything but, which seems to be exactly what she needs to embrace this new lifestyle that’s opened up to her.

Though, the book is an easy and breezy read, there’s a inconsistency in the plot line that didn’t work for me:


  • At the beginning, 2% in, Jenn admits to being attracted to older men but later, at 27%, she claims she has never been attracted to them.
  • She experiences her first orgasm with Jake, at 40%, but at 58%, Randall expresses how he wants them all to see her first orgasm.
  • Jenn, now Jett, has a rapid switch from innocent to completely sexual. It didn’t just feel unrealistic, it almost felt biblical. Like the two Mary’s squeezed into one person. Where Jenn was as pure and good as they come (no pun intended), Jett is as nasty and whorish as anyone who doesn’t get paid for it, can be.


I am not one to slut shame, especially not on fictive characters, but a little more depth would have been nice. There are other kinds of women in the world than the ones who represent the Madonna and the whore.


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5 thoughts on “Her Biker Boys: A Reverse Harem Romance – review”

  1. I didn’t like the boys on the cover.. None of them look like the image I have of my man. Since I am not getting anyone in real life, I thought about searching for him on covers 🤣😂
    An honest review Bibi, I think I have many expectations from each book

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