Emerald Fire: First book in the scorching new Gemstone series (The Gemstone Trilogy 1) – review


01 - Emerald Fire

My rating
: 3.5 of 5!
Published: the 14th of December 2018
Written by: Naomi Smart
Series: The Gemstone Trilogy
Length: 332 pages
: Free copy generously provided.
Disclaimer: I was lucky enough to receive a free copy of this book, in exchange for my honest review. However, please note that all opinions and views are my own.


The blurb:

Louisa relives the events of the most important part of her life. Meeting the love of her life Evan, the fight to prove her strength, embarking on a flight of sexual desire, pleasure and liberation. Evan introduces Louisa to a completely different form of pleasure, anticipation and allure – a world where the line between pleasure and pain can easily merge into one. A world that Evan turned his back on some years ago in a bid to move on and block the past that haunts him. Until he meets Louisa and can no longer fight the urge to keep that door closed. Can Louisa find the inner strength to stop Evan running away from the past?


What have other people said:

‘What a great debut novel! I found myself utterly entranced by the story and its three dimensional characters. I can officially say I’m hooked. The next book in this series can’t come soon enough…’ Alice Raine, best-selling author of The Untwisted Series

‘Erotic romance at its best… Reading Emerald Fire is like delving into an enormous basket of sumptuous delicacies. Naomi Smart is an exciting addition to the list of established authors published by Accent Press’s Cariad imprint.’ – Toni Sands, author of Orchid Pink

First title in an exciting BDSM contemporary romance trilogy that is perfect for fans of Sylvia Day, Meredith Wild and Alice Raine.


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How refreshing it is to find an erotic novella that goes beyond the 50 Shades syndrome, where a fresh voice dares to put focus on more than just the spanking aspect of BDSM – and dares to go beyond the razzle-dazzle and focus on the not-always-so-pretty-part of the world. Naomi Smart has truly created not only a clever plot, but also a great world where there’s room for both the beauty and the ugliness in it. I tip my imaginary hat for her.


In Emerald Fire we follow the leading lady, Louisa, who lives a pretty boring existence. Louisa works full time and only really has 1 friend – Ben, her best friend who desperately wants to get into her knickers. When the company she works for (owned by Ben and his dad) is invited out for dinner by a client, the invitation is also extended to Louisa and this is how she meets the mysterious stranger, Evan. Louisa and Evan has an immediate chemistry and the shy and self-loathing Louisa ends up bedding this handsome stranger, on the fateful first night.


Louisa is pretty much like your typical damzel in distress, or a naughty Disney princess! She’s beautiful and has a killer body, which everyone but her can see. She’s walking through life wearing some seriously clouded goggles, that allows her to turn every situation into a need for assurance and a way to point out her none-existing flaws. Even when she turns Evan on she needs to point out that he possibly couldn’t be interested in her or find her attractive. And when he dares (after spending like 24 hours together) to say he needs to drop her off so he can work, it must surely be because he doesn’t want her anymore. Right?


How I would love to see a woman who knows her worth! I don’t mean that she needs to be arrogant or full of herself. But in romance books there’s like 2 kind of women: the underdog where it’s constantly pointed out she’s a natural beauty but she feels less – or the bitch. Like seriously? Where’s the real woman? The woman that works what she has, knows her strengths and doesn’t rely on a man to find happiness? Now that’s a leading lady I’d pay good money to read about!


Despite my failure to connect with, and even like, Louisa I really enjoyed the plot – and especially the twist Naomi have written. It’s clever and new, which kept me enticed throughout. As this is only the first book in her Gemstone Trilogy I can’t wait to read the next one, which I’ll definitely be looking for.


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