Born of Fire: Heavenly Harem Book One (Heavenly Harem: Angels of Darkness and Light A Reverse Harem Paranormal Dark Romance Fantasy) – review

Born Of Fire

My rating: 4.5 of 5!
Published: the 3rd of January 2019
Written by: Scarlette D’Noire 
Series: Heavenly Harem
Length: 160 pages
: Free copy generously provided.
Disclaimer: I was lucky enough to BETA & ARC read this book for Scarlette D’Noire, who generously sent me a free copy of her book, in exchange for my honest review. Please note that all views and opinions are my own!



The blurb:

Born of Fire to please Adam, Lilith was not satisfied with one man, especially one telling her what to do and what to think. After she meets the original reaper, the Archangel Samuel, she knows she must be free to live and love as she pleases.

Aided by Mercy, the Bringer of Light, and Lucifer, the shapeshifter, Lilith attempts to escape and live in peace with her harem of lovers.

But Adam has other plans. Will he succeed in destroying Lilith’s paradise? Will Lilith’s lovers be able to survive the wrath of the Creator and live with the consequences of her forbidden love?


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Back in the Summer of 2018 I read the first excerpt of Born of Fire, and I was hooked right away. Scarlette breaths new life into a tale as old as time itself, when she resurrects the biblical story of how the world and mankind was created. Though, this time around Adam shares the Paradise with Lilith and not Eve.

Created from fire Lilith has a hard time living side-by-side with her destined mate, who’s created from clay, Adam. Just like the element she came from, Lilith won’t be contained and she’s very aware of just how different she is to her mate. Whilst Adam was intended to be the superior it’s quickly becoming obvious that he cannot control Lilith, so when his dominance fails him he turns to trickery and lies to gain the upper hand.

Lilith is passionate being who inspires (different) love from almost everyone she meets. From Lucifer and Samuel she learns of the physical part of love. From Mercy she learns about the innocent, but no less powerful, feeling of love – and all the angels share one common goal: they want to love and protect Lilith, no matter what it costs.

The only reason the book is half-a-star shy of a perfect rating, is because I feel like it left some gaps in the story-line. As the narrating changes between Lilith and Lucifer, there’s quite a few blind spots which makes it harder to understand some of the actions taken. Like Adam seems all knowing but because we don’t read his point of view, it’s hard to understand where his thoughts and motivation comes from. However, as I know this is only the first book much can change still, and who knows, the second book might hold all the answers I’m looking for. The one thing I couldn’t fault even if I wanted to, is the character building and development. Especially Lilith and Lucifer are just how I would like to think I’d imagine them, if I had enough imagination to do so.


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      1. In that case I’d recommend the Dark Side by Kristy Cunning – and do yourself a favour and do not read my reviews first :p but the sarcastic humour in those books are unparalleled. I adore the books and the leading lady is by far one of the most awesome ones I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading about.

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