One Apocalypse (The Dark Side Book 4) – review

One Apocalypse

My rating: 🦄🦄🦄of 5!
Published: the 1st of December 2018
Written by: Kristy Cunning (reverse harem pen name for C.M. Owens)
Series: The Dark Side
Length: 285 pages
: Purchased.



The blurb:

The life goals have stacked up since I started this journey as a sad, lonely little ghost. I’m not sure how things escalated so quickly from trying to be seen and heard, to bearing the weight of the world on my vain little shoulders.
As a result, my goals have gotten a little more serious…

Goal #14: Learn to take a hit without breaking or suffering some type of death.

Goal #15: Decide once and for all if I’m going to save or destroy the world. I’m not sure why people put this sort of responsibility on hell-spawn like me.

Goal #16: Practice my evil laugh, because all hell-spawn need a good evil laugh.

Goal #17: Find and kill all the unicorns. Mwahahahahaha.

Goal #18: Live to enjoy forever with the guys I sacrificed all my memories to save.

Goal #19: No matter what, they don’t get to die. Or I really will be THE Apocalypse.

We’re the most screwed up collection of antiheroes the world has ever seen, because the only thing that makes me want to save the world is knowing I could lose my boys forever if I don’t. It’s one HELL of a love story, you know?

**Sexual Content.
**Language Warning.
**Dark humor.
**Reverse Harem.
**Series FINALE. (Read in order: Four Psychos, Three Trials, Two Kingdoms, and One Apocalypse. This book cannot be read as a stand-alone.)


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This has got to be the most heart breaking book I’ve read this year, and not for any good reasons. I’ve raved so much about these books, about Paca and her four psychos. I’ve waited impatiently for each new instalment in the series. I’ve cried with laughter from seeing the world through her eyes. And then this. This was not just your average let down. Oh no, it was a let down of epic proportions – for most of the book. The only reason I’ve decided to award it 3/5 is due to the epilogue, which I guess represents how things would and should have been, had they not had a apocalyptic deadline.


In the end of the third book there was a chapter from one of the psychos point of view – which was a bit weird. But I guess it was an intro of what was to come in this fourth book, where we alter between Paca and each of her psychos point of view. Normally I quite enjoy when the view point is changed, it makes it easier to bond with the characters. However, this time I felt it was too little too late. It just didn’t do it for me and on top of that, it seemed forced and it didn’t really feel like their voice.


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The time has come for the vainest hell-spawn of them all to decide whether she’s going to save or level the world. On her journey to regain her former level of badassness she learns a thing or two about what her old self planned, and more importantly, how that version of her is gone forever. It seems the old Paca gave up her memories in order to be with her psychos. Forever. Even without her memories Paca has a few helpers in hell. Her siblings that unknowingly help her level up when she takes them all on, and some not so friendly angels that are more than happy to put her on her ass.

At the same time the dynamic between Paca and her psychos are seriously messed up. It’s like they cannot get their relationship right and instead keep pushing each other further and further away. Though, they might be the four horsemen they’re no match for her, especially not in her home court where Lamar, Hera and the Devil are happy enough to help her punish her boys when she feels it’s needed. When Paca learns that her selfishly-selfless/selflessly-selfish balance was also her motivation factor to save the world, she forms a plan that in this strange and dark setup does provide them with their much needed happily ever after.

But even with all the above in mind I don’t regretting reading the books! And I’m sure I’ll re-read them at some point. Who knows, I might gain more perspective from reading them back to back, instead of waiting months between the new release.


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