Enraged By Magic (Order of the Akasha Book 5) – review

Enraged by Magic


My rating: 🧙‍♀️🧙‍♀️🧙‍♀️ of 5!
Published: the 29th of November 2018
Written by: E.M. Moore
Series: Order of the Akasha
Length: 166 pages
: Kindle Unlimited.


The blurb:

Hate consumes love.

At least that’s what the demon would like Norah and her coven to think.

After seeing his old friend, Travis reverts to his former self. Norah knows, though, that now more than ever, they need to become one if they’re to defeat their enemy. The only thing the coven has to do is get Travis on board the demon-slaying train…and fast.

Now that his identity was revealed, the demon has turned his hate on all of Salem, destroying things and people at will. The more anger and fear he spews, the coven realizes they can’t do the job themselves. This is a job for all the magical people of Salem.

With help from friends and frenemies—and Norah’s magical element—they embark on a fight for their lives in this finale to the Order of the Akasha series. Like Granny says, “Pure will always win.” But is it pure hate, or pure love?


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I was sooooo excited for this fifth and final instalment in Erin’s witchy series. So much so, that I’d postponed reading it, till I had time to sit down and really enjoy it without interruptions. If you’ve read my previous reviews you’ll know how much I’ve enjoyed following Norah and her coven o’ hot witches. But unfortunately for me, this last book left a lot to be desired.


I had the hardest time connecting with Norah, who seemed so bossy, entitled and selfish in this final book. When Travis struggles to come to terms with the choices Jax have made, and ultimately the price he has paid, Norah seems more annoyed that he isn’t giving her enough attention. And when they’re attacked in their house, despite the amount of protective spells they’ve set up, and decide someone should stay awake and stand guard, she sees that as an opportunity to get frisky. I mean really? Sorry but that doesn’t exactly make me, as a reader, feel there’s any need to be anxious if the demons stay away long enough for a morning romp.


The rest of the guys were counting on Randy to make sure that nothing happened to them while they slept. They never said we couldn’t have fun while they were doing it.


I mean that’s probably true, but how scared for your life – and the life of your coven are you truly, if you feel that guard duty is the perfect time for some fun time?

But even worse; when Travis feels remorse for saving his previous friend, Norah doesn’t help him out.


Travis turned. His eyes were full of sorrow, gleaming in the light. “I’m so sorry, Norah.”
I rubbed my face, then strode up to him.
“What are you sorry for? Stop it.”
“This is all my fault.”
I wasn’t even going to dignify that with an answer.


Winner of the most supportive and level headed girlfriend of the year she’s clearly not!


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When their Order superiors find out about their intimate relationship, they forbid the coven to be together – much to the dismay of all of them. And when the superiors inform them that it’s to avoid them imploding with too much magic, Norah has had it. I mean seriously? Sure it’s never nice when anyone tells you who you can and can’t be with, but if it’s literally going to kill you to be together, you might want to listen. Oh the drama!


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