Ache for her (Coveted by the Dark #2)


02 - Ache For Her A Dark Paranormal Romance

My rating: ❤❤❤❤of 5!
Length: 124 pages
Published: the 18th of September 2018.
Written by: E.M. Moore
Series: Coveted by the Dark, however each book can be read as a standalone.
Source: Free copy generously provided by the author.
Disclaimer: I was lucky enough to BETA & ARC read this book for E.M. Moore, who generously sent me a free copy of her book, in exchange for my honest review.


The blurb:

With a past this dark, only one thing could save him.

Simon prefers the vamp life. Feeding, pleasure, and living for his own immediate desires. But what he desires now more than anything is revenge against the man who took everything from him.

He watches.

He waits.

He executes his unshakable plan until the plan becomes the one thing grounding him…and it’s all because of her.

ACHE FOR HER is a dark paranormal romance with an irredeemable hero and a heroine that just might be his saving grace.


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This second book in Erin’s dark and twisted Coveted by the Dark paranormal romance series, we follow Simon and Delilah.

On the surface Delilah is your typical trust fund brat, who doesn’t lack anything when it comes to materialistic goods. She has access to more money than she can ever hope to spend, she doesn’t have any worries or obligations so she spends her days shopping and hanging out with her friends. Basically, she is living a very lonely and useless existence without even knowing so. Her life is turned upside down the second she meets Simon, the handsome and dangerous new neighbour.

Simon’s world has fallen somewhat apart and he feels alone and neglected, since his sire, Galen, has found his happily ever after with his mate, Kayleigh. In order to tie up loose ends, Simon returns to where it all began. To seek revenge on the man responsible for his mothers death. His inner predator is thrilled with the prospect of spreading mayhem and punishing the guilty. Simon has just about prepared for any potential outcome, except the fact that his priority and focus could change.

Simon’s plan is simple:

  • Kidnap Delilah
  • Force her granddad to pay the ultimate price: her life for his
  • Dance on the granddads grave and move on to other things

However, nothing goes to plan when Delilah’s granddad doesn’t come to her rescue. Delilah and Simon spend a lot of time together, in which Simon opens both her eyes to the evils, that she turns a blind eye to. And literally her skin, when he is torturing her in order to give the granddad some incentive.


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I’ve read just about all the books the talented E.M. Moore has written, and while they’re all great, this series take her writing to new heights. The dark, twisted and predatory men she creates are equal part dangerous, delicious and a bit over the top. Needless to say, I love them.

In order to continue discussing the book, I feel it’s time to pull out the spoiler stopper. That way no one accidentally reads something, that gives too much away.

The only reason that this book doesn’t get 5 hearts from me, is that even for a paranormal romance/erotica it’s a bit over the top. I know how the vampires in Erin’s books works, how their bite can be quite the turn on, and how their venom stings. I’m aware of all that. However, I’m still finding it hard to get over that Simon literally goes slicing crazy on Delilah, and she doesn’t fear him. Heck, she doesn’t even hold a grudge. All she feels is lust and gratitude. She’s grateful because he sets her free. Free’s her from the materialistic bonds and from the illusion, that her granddad cares about her. To me, this is a bit hard to swallow and I would have loved to see a bit more of a fight from her.


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