Weekly Update – week 37

Weekly update


Hi y’all

I can barely keep up with time, I just cannot fathom that another week has already come and gone. As usual, before we go into the personal stuff, let’s look at my week in blog posts.




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Other posts:


Books I’ve finished reading but haven’t made reviews for yet:

Dragon Soul (Daughter of Shadow Book 1)
Dragon Soul the first book in L.J. Swallow’s new series: “Daughter of Shadow”

Lost Time: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (The Time Witch Chronicles, #2)
Lost Time the second book in Penelope Wren’s series “The Time Witch Chronicles”


Though both books are really good, I think my favourite of this week is the long awaited book from Joely Sue Burkhart:

Queen Takes Checkmate

When I started the Their Vampire Queen series, I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do. But now I can honestly say, that this is the series that made me realise my love for gory and bloody vampires. Who knew!


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What am I reading right now?

Right now, I’m actually taking a break, while I’m listening to a lot of audio books. Mind you, I can only really listen to audio books where I’ve already read the book. I’m too easily distracted to be able to keep up with something new, that I don’t already know.

But this week, I’ve had to do so much overtime for work. Luckily, I’ve been able to do it all from home. Which have been kind of great, because that’s meant I’ve been able to do it while listening to the Harry Potter audio books. I’ve already listened to the first 4 (well 2 hours left on HP and the Goblet of Fire). Thinking about it, it’s kind of surprising I’ve made it so far, that each of the first 3 books are like 8 hours long. And the 4th one is like 14 hours long lol. Guess that tells you how much OT I’ve done this week. Well here’s the thing though! These books have proved to be great for all sorts of situations… when I tidy and clean, sort laundry, do the dishes, shower, have a bath, get ready. The only chore they’re not great for, is hoovering.


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Lets chat

Have you experienced something exciting or new? Read anything good? Or maybe tried cooking a new recipe? I’d love to hear how your week went, so let’s chat in the comments!


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