Shuffle (Ruby Riot #2) | Review

My rating: ❤❤❤❤❤ of 5!

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Length: 337 pages.
Published: 28th of January 2016

Shuffle is the second book in the Ruby Riot series, which is a spin-off from the Blue Phoenix series. It’s not necessary to read the Blue Phoenix series, or Cadence (first book in the Ruby Riot series) first, but I’d recommend it as some of the characters do overlap.


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WOW – absolutely smashing story, solid character building and an amazing female lead!

With Ruby Tuesday being on maternity leave from touring, Ruby Riot has some downtime. Will and Nate are spending this back on campus, so they can finish their degrees.

At a party Will sees his crush, Fleur. Unfortunately, Will’s awkward attempt at approaching her is anything but smooth. So, while he does leave a lasting impression, it’s not the one he had hoped for, and the two of them are off to an awkward start. Will is such a charming, sweet and caring character. But what I particularly enjoyed about him, is that when it seems like Fleur prefers Nate, he just pretends to be him. Because, why the hell not!

Fleur is a no-nonsense girl with her eyes on the price, an academic career and hopefully, find an intelligent and reliable boyfriend, the kind you can bring hope to mum and dad. She definitely doesn’t have any time for wannabe rock stars. There’s just that one problem, that all the guys that look good on paper turns out to be rotten to the core.

To me the funniest part was that when it seems like Fleur prefers Nate, Will just pretends to be him in order to get closer to Fleur. The cheekiness of it really made me laugh.

This is definitely my favourite book in the Ruby Riot series. This one is so real it’s unbelievable. To me all the other books have been about rock stars and their choice in mates, however, unfortunately most of them had a huge and unattractive chip on their shoulder, which made them annoying, whiny, stubborn, destructive and just plain obnoxious. Fleur is a breath of fresh air, clear about what she wants and when what she wants arrives in a different package she adjusts, she doesn’t try and change Will or dictate what her version of love and perfectness is.


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