Weekly update – week 35

Weekly update

Here we go, my first weekly update in the fall season. As you may already know, I’m not a fan of this season, which is why I’m so happy that the weather is actually better now, than it was on the first summer day this year. Ironic, huh?!


Let’s take a look at my week in reviews:


Tags & nominations:


Other posts:



What am I reading right now?


03 - The Castle

I’m still in the middle of reading the castle. And I’ve also received 2 arc’s and another book to read and review. On this note, I’ve made a decision to not request or accept any more arcs for 2018. But I’ll probably do another post about that at a later date.


If you’ve read my August post, you’ll see that I’ve had quite the book haul last month. And I’m dying to start reading my books. Fingers crossed I’ll get around to it, in October if not sooner.



That’s it, Folks!



Lets chat

How’s your week been? Have you done or read anything interesting? Comment and let’s chat.


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