Business trip to Copenhagen

Hi guys,

As you know I recently got a new job, which I absolutely love. Its always exciting with changes, so now I’m working as a Customer Service Manager for our Danish team in England, who support customers in Denmark. The best part is, that everything is done in-house, so to speak, so nothing is outsourced.

My team isn’t fully established yet, so last week I  had the opportunity to go on a business trip to Copenhagen, to visit our Danish department and the chat moderators that work there. Luckily, I wasn’t on the trip alone, I went with our UK chat trainer, Lucy. She’s never been to Denmark before, and I haven’t been in Copenhagen for like 12 years. So this was such a great trip.

We set off from Newcastle Monday morning and since there’s no direct flights, we had to change in London Heathrow. That’s not really an issue, by it does make a short trip pretty long. And in all fairness, no airport is so interesting that I’m thrilled about spending 4 hours there. But hey ho!

When we arrived and got unpacked, it was my job to expose Lucy to some fine Danish cuisine. So on the first night we went to a Danish steak house, which in my opinion, has the best whiskey sauce in the world!

I’m telling you guys, this taste like a little piece of heaven. If I didn’t have any manners, I’d just ask for a straw and not bother with the potatoes.

On our second day, news had spread of our arrival and it was celebrated in style.


Or maybe it was a pure coincidence they walked by our office…. but I don’t believe in coincidences!!

We also went to see where the Danish queen lives, but  I couldn’t get any proper pictures. The guards were very edgy that day, so instead I’ll show you a Googled tourist picture.

Image result for amalienborg

The guards wouldn’t allow us to take any pictures of them, which I don’t get. But I’ve never been good with rules, so I did actually manage to get a selfie with him in it before we left. Buuuuttttt because of the rush, I look like a right tosser, so there’s no chance I’ll upload that one with me in it.

selfie with guard

There we go! Paint FTW 😀


We also went on a boat tour of Copenhagen.

From the left we have: Charlotte – my manager | Lucy – the trainer | me

Aaaand on such a tour, it’s impossible not to go picture crazy 😛

And of course, the Little Mermaid. Emphasis on LITTLE.


So that’s it! Aside from that, we spent most of the time working and finding delicious cocktails.

I also managed to find:

  • The best Pina Colada I’ve ever had
  • The best strawberry Mojito
  • The worst Sangria.


Not bad 4 days spent in the capital of Denmark!



Lets chat

How’s your week been? Have you ever been to Denmark? Wanted to, or know anything about the country? Do you travel for work? Let’s talk in the comments.


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    1. Aww thank you, Jen 💗 haha he dies, doesn’t he. He’s not allowed to laugh and we’d been telling him jokes for like 15 minutes. Add that to him not allowing pictures of him, I think he was pretty fed up with us 😂👍 mmm mojitos are the best!

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